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  1. KeneishaD23

    KeneishaD23 New Member

    Nov 5, 2010
    To successful- Drake
    Verse one;

    Bitch back the fuck up, You a lil pup
    Pussy ass shit, Yo you needa get unstuck
    It's time for you to sit, and for me to raise my cup
    You ina haze, maybe a slight daze,
    When you grow up, You'll be outta that faze
    No It's not just luck, I'm rippin pussy up; Rephrase
    Bitch I'm the villain, You think i'm cliché,
    But i'm fillin' girls out like I'm takin' surveys
    Call me a walking maze, I go craze
    To this day i'm still putin' niggas in they place
    They stay the same way, while I'm pickin up the pace
    I tied my shoes already, you barely startin' at the lace
    You've been misplaced, most likely a disgrace
    I'm countin' my paper, this is a mental case
    Been placed in the insane asylum, coup de grace
    Now it's time for you to get a taste

    Verse two;
    Success comes naturally
    Outside lookin in you'd think that i'm happy
    Inside lookin out it's not easy; it's scrappy
    I'm snappy, hurtin' badly,
    My world's walking alone in an alley
    Girls be here and there but they cashin, so they nasty
    Cameras always flashin peoples always askin
    Peace is the word that I try n be graspin'
    Call me an assassin, Rap is my passion,
    Last thing I need is a niqqa dat ain't captain
    Only seeing the picture painted perfectly
    Got me locked in, can't show who i'm destined to be
    But I'm slowly creepin' out, soon to be free; Weezy
    I walk passed and all a sudden they can't breathe
    Presents for my mistress, yeah she a tease
    Always eatin' out, still I can't seem to please
    Tryin' to achieve my highest dream, I mean
    Disrespect is a sin
    Sories starting on the web again, fuck perezhilton
    I've been shunned, Didn't follow my own advice,
    Welcome to my life

    Verse 3;
    Good fortune to obey, My mama yes I thank
    My ship neva sank, no more drama only success and fame
    She helped me play the game, Helped me stay sane
    Never complained, So I bought her a private plane
    Saw her cry, strong she still remained,
    Stepped out, greeted her with money; she made it rain,
    Last words out her mouth, I can't explain
    Said she was havin' chest pains,
    Handed her a paper bad, told her it was jet lag
    Never forgot the words she dragged
    Told me cop them niggas who feel the need to brag
    Now you witnessin' niggas raising the white flag
    Winner takes the highest bid, I'm puttin' all in,
    Haters know my name kid, guess that means I win
    Gotta top on; lid, Niqqas be cold as tin,
    They speak words but I don't understand
    I don't speak stupid, My wish is my demand
    It shall stand, I'll let you judge my success,
    This is my common land, Promise to always remain the finest
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    Apr 18, 2001
    please read and follow the open mic forum rules. PM me when you've given feedback to 2 threads prior to posting your own and I'll open this back up.
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