"A GUN & A MIC" - Part 7! === THE PLOT!

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    A GUN & A MIC

    (The scene opens up at the hospital. NANIJAH, GHETTOQUEEN, SHORT2003 sit together laughing and sharing girl talk SHORT2003 listens and lays resting in the bed. GHETTOQUEEN gets a phone call…. Walks out of the hospital room and in the hallway…)

    MADPOET: Hey…
    MADPOET: Yeah..
    GHETTOQUEEN: (concerned) what is it…
    MADPOET: Can we meet somewhere and talk?
    GQ: Im at the hospital with NANI….
    MAD: What?!?!? What happened???
    GQ: Nooo… I’m here to see SHORT…
    MAD: Yo how she doin?
    GQ: (sighs) she doin fine….
    (pause… both quiet)
    GQ: Mad…
    MAD: Yeah…
    GQ: Why did u call me…
    MAD: Because…. (hesitation… goes quiet)
    GQ: Because?????
    MAD: About this afternoon…
    GQ: Look… I don’t know what your doin right now or where ur head’s at… but u know how I feel…
    MAD: (sighs) Yeaaah I know… but u remember what I said…
    GQ: and im telling u its wrong!!... Don’t do it MAD…
    MAD: Look… hon… I have to go…..
    MAD: baby… look… BLACKGAMMON and I… we’re headed over to the show…
    GQ: MAD (about to cry) Mad.. pleeease…. P-please don’t go… I don’t know why… I just have a bad feeling…..
    MAD: Hon… baby… look I gotta go……. (pauses) … I gotta go…
    (MAD clicks and hangs up)
    GQ: (clicks off and covers her eyes…)

    (Suddenly NANIJAH touches GQ’s shoulder…)

    NANIJAH: (looking straight at GQ) …Do you want to go….
    GQ: (nods her head..)

    (NANIJAH takes GQ and the both leave the hospital.)


    (At CIRCLE ARENA, a huge gathering of people enter…. A ride parks up near the front entrance… SERGE, ENVY, KALEEF exit each holding a honey in their sides… all draped in black… shades hovering their eyes…)

    ENVY: (leans inside the passenger window) Head to the back.
    HADES: (nods and drives off)
    KALEEF: (looks around…) So what’s the deal…
    ENVY: Make it lovely fellas… make it lovely…

    (The 3 fellas and their ladies enter into the front… then all three separating in directions. SERGE veers left to the western side… KALEEF to the eastern… and ENVY headed down below to the lower deck.)

    SERGE: (walking to the upper west deck to seat… earpieces in) We’re early…
    ENVY: (seated in the front with his girl looks around scoping the place) That’s the whole plan fellas… just enjoy yourselves (ENVY looks around the arena and scopes out the stationary security and the backstage)
    (over in the eastern side.. KALEEF sits with his girl and gets up…)
    KALEEF: (motions to his girl) Ill be back.. gonna use the restroom…
    (KALEEF’s girl nods.. and then KALEEF walks off showing his backstage pass to the security/staff. Then gets on his earpiece..) OK guys… I ditched the bitch… I’m headed for the bathroom…
    ENVY: (touching his left earpiece) check the last toilet stall… up in the corner end… there should be a vent headed up into the air chambers… take the route headed towards the front stage… and get back at me..
    KALEEF: (walking towards the bathroom) on my way….
  2. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (meanwhile outside the arena… DIC, SSENLLI, MALO walk into the arena… walking about the outer tunnelways headed inside.)

    DIC: Yo man… I’mma go grab a bite… I’ll meet u guys at the seats..
    SSENLLI: (Waves at DIC… then leans on MALO) What is it maan…
    MALO: (looks up at the air vents above the row of fast food chains as they walk along the western side of the arena… then suddenly turns into a janitor room… SSENLLI follows.)

    (Both MALO and SSENLLI go into the janitorial room shutting the door. MALO gets a flashlight.)
    SSENLLI: Yo why u gotta flashlight… we can jus turn on the l---
    MALO: (whispering loud) NOO DON’T! You turn on the lights… the surveillance shoots on. Look here’s the plan…(MALO digs inside his pocket and grabs a crumpled up note… gives it to SSENLLI)
    SSENLLI: (takes it and reads it) What is this?
    MALO: (starts getting off his clothes and strips down into his black ‘undercover’ attire..) There’s no security alarms or surveillance thru the air vents. (looks up at the vent in the ceiling) Here.. hold my flashlight…
    SSENLLI: (SSENLLI takes the flashlight and points it at the ceiling… then with his hand on the note reads) make…sure… MALO and SSENLLI are left… yo yo what is this note about???
    MALO: (unscrewing the vents ajar) It seems as though… your boy… DIC… and VIZZ are doing us on the low…
    MALO: (unscrewing the last vent) Yeah… so now it’s only me and you left…..
    SSENLLI: well wait a minute… what are you gonna do?? And what am I gonna tell DIC when I see him??
    MALO: (opens up the vent and starts jumping up to climb in) Ur gonna hear me when I hit frequency 7…. None of them will be able to hear me…. This is where we’ll be making our moves… U gotta make sure that DIC does not get in the way of what happens… I already know what VIZZ is up to…
    SSENLLI: Do I blast if I have to?
    MALO: (inside the vent looks down at SSENLLI) no… just play it off and keep him on watch during the show… Ill let u know when I’m makin my move… keep ur cellphone on…
    SSENLLI: (looks into his pocket and gets his cell) K got it…

    (MALO disappears into the air vent. SSENLLI recovers himself and slowly opens the janitor door…peeking out. He sees the coast is clear from the security cameras.. and creeps out looking completely innocent.

    From afar, L-DOGG spots SSENLLI walk hastingly into the arena.. and gets his cell)

    AWEDISHIN: (accompanied with INSANITY at the VIP room with guests gets a call…) Yeah..
    L-DOGG: Heey.. something’s up.
    AWEDISHIN: What u mean..
    LDOGG: U know them boys that I left hanging to dry at your pad a week ago?
    AWEDISHIN: U saw them?
    LDOGG: Well get this… I just saw SSENLLI walk out of the janitorial room and dash into the arena..
    AWEDISHIN: OK well worry about that later… meanwhile get over here… INSANITY is here…
    LDOGG: (eyes ahead of him) OK bet… (hangs up and walks back to the front entrance)


    (Back at the VIP….)

    INSANITY: People people… let’s all just relax and see just what it is that JEFF has planned for the night… until then, have a ball.. let’s all enjoy!!! (People raise their glasses and return to their conversation. INSANITY leans to AWEDISHIN) Where’s L…?
    AWEDISHIN: He’s on his way right now..
    INSANITY: Good.. let me know when my guests arrive.. I’ll be down at the security room talking with JEFF.
    AWEDISHIN: Gotcha…

    (INSANITY walks off… a call rings on AWEDISHIN’S cell)

    AWEDISHIN: Yeah its me..
    INSENSE: Yo…
    AWEDISHIN: Who this?
    AWEDISHIN: What u need..
    INSENSE: Hey man… u know Im one of the mainliners for the show right?
    AWEDISHIN: Where u at?
    INSENSE: Im in the back… just got in… look I got something to ask u..
    AWEDISHIN: Make it quick I got bidnezz to handle
    INSENSE: Yo son…we aint talked to u since the party… and me PENT and PAT been wondering what the fuck happened… why’d u bounce out?
    AWEDISHIN: Look… I got no time for that… I’m busy…
    INSENSE: U at the VIP?
    AWEDISHIN: I gotta go… later
    INSENSE: Yoo wait.. yo hol----
    (AWEDISHIN shuts his cell and approaches L)
    LDOGG: Yeah what it is?
    AWEDISHIN: INSANITY just went to go meet with JEFF… u ready for this?
    LDOGG: Word… Soon as the deal goes… cue me… I’ll be ready…
    AWEDISHIN: Aight… make urself scarce… I gotta go out in the front and meetup with JOOKS…
    LDOGG: aight … (LDOGG exits..)
    (AWEDISHIN checks the time and hurries out of the VIP room..)
  3. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (From outside… VIZZ and INKWELL enter..)

    VIZZ: Yo… I’m gonna go see JEFF…
    INKWELL: Aight… I’m gonna go find DIC…
    VIZZ: aight…
    INKWELL: (dials DIC’s number)
    DIC: Yo INK
    INK: Heeyo.. what’s poppin
    DIC: (looking around from his seat) Nothin… MALO and SSENLLI not here yet.. prolly went to take a leak
    INK: Yeah u think?
    DIC: Oh wait… SSENLLI’S here… catch me later..
    (hangs up) Yo where’s MALO?
    SSENLLI: He went to take a lil walk… seeing what was up with the whole arena setup..
    DIC: (strokes his chin) Hmmm…

    (Meanwhile KALEEF crawls thru inside an air vent… and veers about moving with a tiny flashlight in his mouth. Several noises are heard as he sprawls into small air vent leading to the left just above backstage. He peeks thru a small opening vent somewhere backstage. KALEEF leans in to the vent to see what’s happening…)

    (Inside a room where the locker room of the guards are… CASTRO, J DOT C sit…)

    CASTRO: So what’s the situation?
    J DOT C: We wait…
    J DOT C: They startin the show… prolly on stage by now…..

    (In the arena…)

    FANTOM: Get yo hands up!... Get yo hands up!.... We do it do-do-do it… just like thizzzzzzzz…

    DEMETRIUS: Underdog.. on the microphone… settin it off
    I’m smooth to the rhymes while u scrotum sac soft..
    My afro’s the size of your frontyard bush
    I be shoving my rhymes in ya ex-girl’s tush….

    (Back in the room….)

    J DOT C: (touches his earpiece) We in the back…
    JOOKS: Aight… I’m in VIP with AWEDISHIN… waiting for INSANITY…. Get on over here….
    J DOT C: K..(motions to CASTRO) let’s go…

    (The two exit the room as KALEEF cues on his earpiece from the air vent above the ceiling….)

    (SERGE walks off to the outside tunnel inside the arena and leans by a payphone.. then taps his ear)
    SERGE: What’s the deal?
    KALEEF: (inside the air vent..) I got word… CASTRO and J DOT are headed to VIP right now…
    SERGE: Aight is it going down…
    KALEEF: (rollin thru air chamber) yeah… he got in touch with JOOKS… theyre getting ready for the deal…
    ENVY: (walking towards the front entrance taps his ear) OK I hear ya… both of u meet at the front… HADES what’s ur 20?
    HADES: (leaning at a hot dog stand near the front munching on one) Just chillin out here… pretty much the people are inside…. A few bunches of people are moving here and there… show’s pretty much started… we need to move… I got two cameras pretty much hot on my spot…
    SERGE: OK I’m movin….
    ENVY: HADES.. go ahead and start up to VIP…
    HADES: (dumps his hot dog) Gotcha…. (looks around and starts movin)

    (on stage…)

    DEMTRIUS: n u don’t stop!!!!!
    FANTOM: and u don’t stop!!! … PEACE!

    (The crowd cheers…. DMETRIUS and FANTOM leave stage….the emcee comes out to introduce the next act…)

    (DMETRIUS and FANTOM hurry to their dressing rooms… DMETRIUS shuts the door..)

    DMETRIUS: (gets dressed into his ‘other’ gear) call them on ear..
    FANTOM: (wiping his face with a towel gets on ear) OK … what’s up guys…

    (In the eastern tunnelway..)
    CASTRO: We’re on our way… JOOKS is already with INSANITY…
    J DOT C: (to CASTRO) I’ll be out in the front…
    CASTRO: (climbs upstairs) OK… J DOT is headed to the front… he’ll be moping around for lookout…
    FANTOM: soon as me and DMETRIUS ready… we’re on the western side…

    (As J DOT C heads to the exit.. he spots HADES and SERGE approaching and suddenly turns to the wall…. HADES and SERGE walk past without seeing J DOT..)

    J DOT C: (on earpiece) Guys… guys… we got HADES and SERGE moving on the eastern tunnelway… what the fuck they doin here?

    DMETRIUS: OK we’re headed to the eastern way… we’ll run thru this way so no one comes past us…

    J DOT C: OK hurry I’m heade----- (ENVY stands in front of J DOT as he turns…)

    ENVY: (grabs J DOT C’s earpiece and conceals a gun inside his coat piercing J DOTC motioning him to the emergency door. J DOT C submits and exits the emergency door. ENVY gets on ear) I got J DOT… motion everyone to VIP… we’re gonna sabotage this… (to J DOT C) So whats goin on?

    J DOT C: What u mean? And what are u doin here with that?
    ENVY: None of ur business… I’m just here to make sure u don’t interfere with what we bout to do..

    (J DOT lunges for ENVY… but ENVY smashes J DOT’s head with the butt end of the gun. J DOT is out cold. ENVY looks around and grabs both J DOT’s ankles and drags his body inside the air conditioner room. ENVY kick shoves the body and shuts it locked. Readjusting himself.. .ENVY walks back to the emergency exit to re-enter the building and suddenly as he opens the door…)

    (VIZZ grins with 3 security men behind him pointing their guns at ENVY)

    VIZZ: ENVY… my boy…. U just been busted.

    (Security men take ENVY….VIZZ smiles evilly and then watches ENVY being taken away… as he picks up his cell to call someone..)

    (Meanwhile MALO flows thru 2 air vents and drops into the men’s bathroom on the western wing of the arena… and hides inside a stall. He peeks out of his toilet stall looking at all the people entering and using the bathroom. He pauses and waits..)

    (Outside the arena…. NANIJAH and GHETTOQUEEN stand in front of the entrance..)

    NANIJAH: Girl u sure u wanna do this?
    GHETTOQUEEN: I don’t want MAD to suffer the same deal that NEBZ did…
    (The girls both gaze at the huge arena.. and start walking in…)

    (From a few rows back… BLACKGAMMON and MADPOET sit in the ride smoking a beadie…)

    BLACKGAMMON: (coughs and looks more su****iously at the entrance) Oh shiet son…
    MADPOET: (half awake) whaaa…
    BLACKGAMMON: Heey maan is that GHETTOQUEEN?
    MADPOET: (wakes up and looks to his right… the both look) WHAT TH---?!??
    BLACKGAMMON: Let’s move…
    MADPOET: (gets outta the car)

    (The two fellas trail su****iously and pause… then wait to see NANIJAH and GHETTOQUEEN enter inside the arena…)

    MADPOET: (to himself) GHETTO what the fuck u doing?

    (The two jog on over to the front entrance..)


  4. badassyella

    badassyella New Member

    Jul 12, 2001
    lol thats whassup ;o)

    i missed the other ones, so i have no clue whats going on,lol...
  5. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    I got knocked out? fuck that...

    MISSKEYdaQUEEN Watch the black panther..

    Jul 20, 2002

    wow...I am sooo lost,lol
  7. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    lolol sorry... u ain dead yet :p
  8. Hidden_Poetry

    Hidden_Poetry New Member

    Jun 16, 2004
    Ghetto and I are gonna take over that shit...LMAO [funny]

    Good stuff ;o)
  9. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    So now, my small role is made into a fuckin trader...... Wit vizz? Wtf....LMAO

    And I haven't even killed anybody yet, that's bullshit cuz I'm killin niglets in da rstl constantly

    A trader with nothing to say.....sounds like you tryna cast me for the role of Omen. U a fuckin foo fa dat
  10. kaLeeF

    kaLeeF me and weed go waaay back

    Oct 6, 2000
    haha..me ..hades..serge and envy=the untouchables..well till envy got cought
  11. Blue BaIIs

    Blue BaIIs Damn Trick You Done?

    Mar 31, 2005
    lol im the 1980s lex luthor character


  12. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
  13. Kanyne

    Kanyne 6x RBL Participant...lol

    Oct 22, 2001
    u should link the rest of em so ppl know where the fuck this all came from....cuz not everyone seen all the others...

    JOEY HOFFA always proper.

    Jun 22, 2005
    so wtf happened to me,

    and who the fuck is ghetto and shit...

    tek, you ruined this shit at like chapter 4, son
  15. Blue BaIIs

    Blue BaIIs Damn Trick You Done?

    Mar 31, 2005
    i duno wut hoffa is talki nabout the story is finally getting good
  16. kaLeeF

    kaLeeF me and weed go waaay back

    Oct 6, 2000
    you got the booooooooooot
  17. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    I better wake up go on a rampage and kill sum people...
  18. Fantom

    Fantom :ihadadream:

    Feb 12, 2001
    FANTOM: Get yo hands up!... Get yo hands up!.... We do it do-do-do it… just like thizzzzzzzz…


    very Un-Fant...

    make with the gunshots already...
  19. GammoN

    GammoN Sole Survivor of the DOJO

    Sep 30, 2004
    good shit..keep it comin'..

    JOEY HOFFA always proper.

    Jun 22, 2005
    honestly, what happened to me? where am I? lol
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