"A GUN & A MIC" - Part 5! === "THE PLAN"

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999


    PART V


    (The scene opens up at a store. A car pulls up and NANIJAH gets out of her ride. She looks inside of her purse and gets out her wallet and walks in. As she goes into the store… he runs into MADPOET.)

    NANIJAH: Hey!!!!!!
    MAD: Oh whatsup…
    NANIJAH: How are u???????
    MAD: Just tryin to recover u know… still in pain…..
    NANIJAH: Forreals… what u doing here?
    MAD: Ohh pfft… just gettin some smokes and something to drink… thirsty as hell..
    NANI: I bet all that hospital food gotten u all nauseated..
    MAD: Naaa… hah… the food was coo… some cute nurses…
    NANI: GHETTO betta not know bout that nowww…
    MAD: Pssh… maaan… wasn’t even expectin how that all came out u know?
    NANI: I don’t think anyone did… But u gonna be ok? U need some help or anything?
    MAD: Ohh naa… I mean I got this heavy brace up on my chest but I shuld be aight… its not like im completely immobile…
    NANI: OK .. well heeey if u talk to GHETTO tell her to ring me..
    MAD: Cooo… and uhhh heey..
    NANI: (turning back) Yea…?
    MAD: Is she ok?
    NANI: (tsks) Don’t tell her I told u this… but she shook MAD… honestly.. I been knowing her for the longest and some crazy shit be happening sometimes when im with her at night… its like im talking to her and then she jus like walks away like HOLDON ILL BRB… and im like U OK? --- I don’t know… she went to go see NEBZ’ folks….
    MAD: Oh word?
    NANI: I honestly aint seen her this down…
    MAD: (thinks…) maybe I shuld go see her…
    NANI: (shrugs) I don’t know… but whatever u do… don’t do anything to provoke more stress or whatevers… she’s not in her right mind right now..
    MAD: aight…. Thanks though…for everything.. naw mean?
    NANI: Im just glad u still here tho…
    MAD: Thanks….. look I gotta go…. Ill talk to u later..
    NANI: aight..

    (MADPOET walks away thinking deeply…. Wondering whatsup…)

    (Meanwhile somewhere in the dark…. A figure sits flaring up a J)

    HADES: (smokes… inhales.. and exhales)
    SERGE: Yo man…. So sup with it?
    HADES: (drinkin a bottle.. wipes his mouth) whateva maan… fuck wit them bitches… and just fuckin kick it…
    ENVY: What about the fellas..
    SERGE: Maaan fuck them…
    HADES: (drinkin his bottle) aint shit to me…
    SERGE: Word man… posing no threat…
    HADES: I heard JOOKS got something else poppin….
    SERGE: doin some shit with some big timers…
    ENVY: Is that right..
    SERGE: Yeah…muthafuckas been overheard scheming plans and doin rawdogg shit..
    ENVY: U know what be the shit?
    HADES: (coughs) What’s that..
    ENVY: (grinning evilly) fuckin up they whole setup and sabotaging that whole deal..
    SERGE: (evilly laughing) yeaaaah boyee.. das that shit…
    HADES: (ashin his cig)
    SERGE: (grabs his gun and reloads the clip) Let’s be out… gotta meet this bitch tonight…
    HADES: Get at me dogg… Im finnah chill for tonight..
    ENVY: Word.. yall hit me up when u wake… Ill be out and about finding out more shit…
    HADES: Do that …..
    (The three separate…)


    (Meanwhile somewhere else..)

    CALLER ON PHONE: So you wanna make this setup at the up top suites that they got at the CIRCLE arena?
    JOOKS: Hellz yea…
    CALLER ON PHONE: holdon…(slight pause) 2….4….7… ok… let me get this done up for tomorrow night… I gotta call JEFF for that makeup…
    JOOKS: So he won’t know?
    CALLER ON PHONE: Naww… it’s gonna be straight… my partners been wantin to find something with some kick…
    JOOKS: We got u maan… just meet up at the 1st suite come at 10:30… and we’ll be good..
    CALLER ON PHONE: No snake shit or nothing… --- I’m comin empty…. And I think u should too..
    JOOKS: Heey…. We’re straight on this..
    CALLER ON PHONE: Aight homeboy… ill consider this…. Catch u tonight fo sho..
    JOOKS: Ohhh yes sirr!

    (both hang up)

    JOOKS: Hell yesss gonna see 500 more G’s baby…
    J DOT C: Daaaaaaaaamn son…(drinkin up)
    CASTRO: tell me u just didn’t hook up us with 500 G’s…
    JOOKS: It’s set…
    J DOT C: So whats the plan?
    JOOKS: Do we need a muthafuckin plan???? Ha…. This will be coo…. But just as precautions… Imma need u both to be down..
    CASTRO: u know after hearin this shit goin down --- I don’t even think performin’s my gig… are we definite about this 500 G’s? Cus with that amount of cream… u know them cats won’t let this go crooked…
    J DOT C: Its why we rollin wit u dogg….
    JOOKS: Aight so let’s do this here…

    (The guys nod..and gather up….)
  2. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    (MADPOET parks in front of GHETTOQUEEN’s pad. He gets outta his ride… and goes to the front door… but before he rings the door… he dials up her cell….)

    MAD: Hey girl…
    MAD: Yeah u wanna open up ur front door?

    (slight pause…. MAD hangs up his phone and the front door opens..)

    Sup girl….
    GHETTOQUEEN: (looking disturbed..not making eye contact at MAD) hi…

    (MAD hugs GHETTOQUEEN and they both enter the house. MAD closes the door and both sit down on the couch. GHETTOQUEEN looking down arms crossed hunched…)

    MAD: u OK?
    GQ: im tryin to be…
    MAD: Oh…
    GQ: where u been?
    MAD: I ran into NANI at the store… she says to call her…
    GQ: Ohh… where she goto?
    MAD: (shrugs) don’t know.. went and got me a drink… so after that I stopped by to get my clothes… and just came by..
    GQ: MAD… I have to talk to u about something…
    MAD: (looks at GHETTOQUEEN su****iously) w—what is it?
    GQ: These last few days have been totally crazy for me… at times overwhelming… an-and.. (she stops…)
    MAD: (leans his head sideways looking at GHETTOQUEEN) and???
    GQ: (turns her head away) MAD….
    MAD: (leans his head closer..) What’s wrong…

    (GHETTOQUEEN gets up and looks away…)

    MAD: Heey… u can talk to me… what’s the problem..?
    GQ: (turns around to look at MADPOET but fails to make eye contact) MAD… Im so sorry… but… I need time alone.
    MAD: (gets up) Ohhhh im sorry… no problem! Just give me a call an—
    GQ: (walks closer to MAD) Noooo… what I meant is……
    MAD: (troubled looking at GHETTOQUEEN) What is it?
    GQ: (looks up at MAD) I mean.. I need to be alone.
    MAD: (su****ious) W-what u mean … y-you mean like u ain’t wantin to be wit me?
    GQ: Noooo… Nooooo…. But…
    MAD: (shrugging) b-b-ut what?
    GQ: MAD… I need time alone… time away …
    MAD: What is it…. Did I do something wrong?
    GQ: Noo noooo nooooo… (sighs) I mean….(sighs again) can u understand me??? The shet I’m going thru right now????
    MAD: Yeaaa… don’t trip…. I completely understand what ur going thru…. So why don’t u rest up… and anytime u need something – jus call ok?
    GQ: (touches MAD’s shoulders looking down) I’m sorrrry….
    MAD: (compassionately) Naaa… don’t trip ok? --- look….. I have to go do some stuff… but… like I said… just chill – ur in mourning now ok??? (lifts her chin) Heey… ok?
    GQ: (looks at MAD in tears)

    (Both hug.. MAD gets ready to leave… and looks back)

    MAD: U be alright girl…
    GQ: (smiles and then frowns…looking away.)

    (MADPOET leaves… GHETTOQUEEN watches him leave thru the window.)

    (MADPOET gets into his ride… and cruises off…. He grabs his cell and dials up a number….)

    MADPOET: Yo…
    MAD: Whadup dogg…
    EX VENOM: Where u at..
    MAD: Im on the road… what u doin
    EX VENOM: Nothin….
    MAD: Where BLACKGAMMON at?
    EX VENOM: I ain’t seen him in a couple days…..
    MAD: Aight well let me get u back – I gotta make this call…
    EX VENOM: aight..
    MAD: (hangs up… dials BLACKGAMMON)
    MAD: BLACK.. its me MAD…
    BLACKGAMMON: Whatsup… what u doin..
    MAD: Im on the road… hey man.. I gotta talk to u… where u at?
    BLACKG: Im at the shack… get at me there…
    MAD: Im on the way…
    BLACKG: Aight out..

    (Meanwhile at a bar…. AWEDISHIN sits at the counter looking at his drink. L-DOGG walks in and sits down…. Next to AWEDISHIN).

    L-DOGG: (takes off his shades hollers at the bartender) Let me get scotch…. (to AWEDISH) so whatsup man
    AWEDISHIN: (finishes his drink looking at the TV) U tell me man… u the one that called me here..
    L-DOGG: Well…. Seems like u ain’t got much goin for u now…. Ur house is pretty much gone…. Po-po’s questioning and lookin for u…. everyone thinks ur the villain…
    AWEDISHIN: So whats ur point?
    L-DOGG: My point is… u can help me… (sips his drink) and I can help u…..
    AWEDISHIN: (looks at L) im listening..
    LDOGG: Its simple… INSANITY wants me to pull a huge thang that’s gonna go down at circle arena…. And is offering me huge amounts of cash…. But then…. I got some group of guys who are chasin my tailfeather… naw mean?
    AWEDISHIN: so where do I fit in to all this?
    LDOGG: It’s easy… u help me getting the guys off my back.. and I can help u reroute our beef straight to INSANITY… and his cash will be our cash..
    AWEDISHIN: How do I know and guarantee that in the end u ain gonna juke me either?
    LDOGG: cause I ain told nobody about this…. And I been peeping game from both sides of the guys… and frankly.. I aint satisfied with their outcomes…. Ur the only person I can confide in settling a plan like this without hesitation…
    AWEDISHIN: Really…. (strokes his chin)…. So what I gotta do..
    LDOGG: I will hollah at u when INSANITY and I get to the arena… u come thru with ur communication equipment…. And u’ll roll undercover…
    AWEDISHIN: What u mean?
    LDOGG: I got u some security outfits for u to wear during the night of the big bash…
    AWEDISHIN: and then?
    LDOGG: I will instruct u further details and everything….
    AWEDISHIN: (wonders….)
    LDOGG: (leans into AWEDISHIN) $250 G’s worth…
    AWEDISHIN: (looks at LDOGG…)


    I’m in…

    LDOGG: (daps AWEDISH) Yes…. I will give u a call… stay by ur cell…
    AWEDISHIN: Alright
    LDOGG: (pays his drink) I will have everything ready before I bail to INSANITY’s so Ill be getting a hold of u…
    AWEDISHIN: OK…. But remember…ain’t no one else seein me…
    LDOGG: (stuffs his wallet in his pocket looking at LDOGG) Don’t worry man….. now that u down…. Our job will be easy and smooth…. Pz homeboy… (walks out)
    AWEDISHIN: (looks at his empty glass… then tips to the bartender) one more shot!

    (at BLACKGAMMON’s pad..)

    MAD: so the deal is…come nighttime…. Its me, you, EX VENOM shakin the noise out to get JOOKS, JDOT and his boys…
    BLACKGAMMON: Hell muthafuckin yea!! Im with it maaan…
    MAD: Good… EX VENOM supposed to be here… where the fuck he at?
    BLACKG: Yo that cat’s got some issues man… on some other shit like he don’t wanna be down…
    MAD: Well he better… cus after NEBZ… and what they did to GHETTO…. We need to finish what was started…
    BLACKG: Yea..
    MAD: And when the ball’s on my court against these punk muthafuckas…..


    BLACKG: what is it b???

    MAD: (in an evil tone lifting his gun)

    Imma make sure.. that this time.. is my time. (cocks it)


  3. wow did i die im like not even in part 5 lol
    i mustve missed something

    maybe i hated my role and capped myself

  4. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    out source part 6 to me
  5. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    lol Im always gettin into some grimey business shit...damn im gonna get fucked by that bastard L Dogg lolol
  6. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    naaa i had trouble tryin to find a filler scene for u guys... ur alive... in fact.. if u backtrack ur preparing for the arena... so naa u ain dead.
  7. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003

    Readin now.
  8. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    HHAHAHAHAH fuckas gon' die..
  9. J Dot C

    J Dot C 1x RBL Champion

    Apr 22, 2003
    I'ma be mad if I die...
  10. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    lol : )
  11. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lmfao shits about to get GULLLLY 500 more g's I might cop that S 500 I always wanted. Hofffa dope shit tek
  12. *NativeTongue*

    *NativeTongue* New Member

    Oct 12, 2000
  13. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    One scene, and it's about fucking Nonni again?

  14. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    lol - inkwell u ain dead...
  15. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    mother fucker, i aint no half ass pawn shop robbing, 2 bit bitch, im the type to kill a bitch when i see problems down the road, i better be in part 6, if you know whats good for you
  16. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    ssenlli shutup and just read :p
  17. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    lol, love ya too tek
  18. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    So far all I get is some freaky shit and Moms talking bout me.....damn, dics not gettin gully at all in this bitch

    That's so unlike me
  19. *NativeTongue*

    *NativeTongue* New Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    well damn yo have me shoot somebody or some shit
  20. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    this chapter sucked
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