"A GUN & A MIC" - Part 2! === The Story Continues!

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    AND NOW…..




    PART 2


    (MADPOET gets out of his ride and gets his backpack from the backseat… he shuts his door when a ride pulls up..)

    JEFF: (gets out of his car) Whasup MAD…
    MADPOET: Oh whassaap masta (bows and worships JEFF)
    JEFF: (fans him off) stop that shit man… (daps MAD) Whatsup?
    MADPOET: (takes off his cap and ruffles his hair) Ain nothing…. Jus got out of school… doin nothing…
    JEFF: Yea.. u look like u just wokeup or something (lookin at his hair)
    MADPOET: Pssh…. Need to get it cut… but the money’s comin thin…. U know how it go!
    JEFF: Everybody has their trying times…
    MADPOET: Sup with you and the fellas….
    JEFF: Organizin…. Getting shet handled u know…. But it just hectic cus we’re pretty much preparing… u know… getting ready…but ayo… whatsup with u for next week?
    MADPOET: What u mean? (pauses) Ohhh wait u mean ur thang??? Yeah that’s gonna be dope maaan..
    JEFF: Yeah man… definitely is – but I wanna know if u wanna be down with me in doing the security…. We got a spot for u…a little stipend provided…
    MADPOET: Aww maan.. I just remembered man.. I cant… AWEDISH want me to perform with him and PATRIARCH...
    JEFF: Yo comeon maan… this is a good opportunity in having u extendin your time and services for bigger things!!!
    MADPOET: Sorry maan… I committed to the fellas… I’d do it… matta fact… damn.. (checking his watch) I gotta be over at PENT’s house in an hour… yo… my bad JEFF…. Right now its just bad timing… so I gotta jump into the shower now…(walking into his house) but Ill get at u tho!!
    JEFF: Wait maaan where u goin??????
    MADPOET: (stops and turns back) I just told u…
    JEFF: Why won’t u take the job?
    MADPOET: Cus maaaan.. I told u…..
    JEFF: (suddenly pissed) U know what… fine…(walks to his car) I see how this is maan..
    MADPOET: (walking to JEFF) Wait maan… yo why u trippin?
    JEFF: Yo how many times have I got u off the hook!!
    MADPOET: (with a WTF expression) Da fuck u talking about…. I never asked u for nothing…
    JEFF: (shifts in gear) See you don’t even remember do u…. all the little things.. the hookups… Naww man…. U went out…. (takes off)
    MADPOET: (throwin his hands up screaming at the fleeing car) WHAT I DO MAAN????? Psssh… (waves him off and slowly walks back to the house..) People trippin maaaaan…. (MAD checks his watch and runs inside…)

  2. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (Back at JOOK’s pad… JOOK and J DOT C sit on the porch smoking up one when…. HADES and SERGE roll up…)
    J DOT C: Yo whadup dun..
    SERGE: Gimme a lighter….. (gets a lighter from JOOK and flares up a Newport)
    JOOK: Where u guys been..
    HADES: Fuckin around…. (sits down) gimme a stoagie SERGE… (SERGE passes HADES his Newports) so what happened…
    JOOK: What… with NEBZ?
    J DOT C: That shit’s finnah get done tonight….
    SERGE: Tonight?
    JOOK: At fatboy’s party…
    HADES: AWEDISH’S? – Why u pullin that shit off at the party…. Why can’t he just come over now and do this shit here… we aint doin nothing!
    JOOK: Maan that muthafucka’s scared…. He said he bout to roll deep when we do this…
    J DOT C: Which is why yall gotta work with us tonight…
    HADES: Fuck that… Im out for bitches tonight…
    J DOT C: Fuck them bitches… this is big chedda.. u get em after we got the loot…
    SERGE: Yo why u pushin this shit at a place that’s bound to have a gang of people?
    JOOK: Cus after that shit’s done…. We finnah be paid neguh…
    J DOT C: Haha yeaa (daps JOOK)
    SERGE: What!?!? – U still ain answered the question…
    J DOT C: Yo man.. we doin it cus that’s how it was done… naw mean??? Don’t trip on it…. Things will go down legit….
    HADES: Yo so the cash is stacked 5 ways then?
    JOOK: 5?!?!
    J DOT C: Oh u mean CASTRO?
    JOOK: Man fuck CASTRO! – That neguh goin out like a bitch…Ill beat the fuck outta him next time I see em…
    J DOT C: Well don’t look now.. he’s here…(points)
    CASTRO: (gets out of his ride with TRAP) Yoooo u hear about GHETTOQUEEN?
    SERGE: Who?
    CASTRO: Maaan 5-0 was all up in their pad tryin to figure out who fucked wit her…
    J DOT C: (looks at JOOK and nudges him)
    JOOK: (says nothing and glares at CASTRO)
    TRAP: Someone fucked her ass up… and then raped her ass…
    JOOK: Hmmm… I wonder who did that (looks at J DOT C)
    J DOT C: (astonished) fuck u JOOK… u know u was the one that busted that coochie ….
    CASTRO: u did that shit JOOK?
    JOOK: Rode that shit like a donkey….(to J DOT C) and what the fuck u talking like that for.. u was the one that socked her…
    TRAP: Yo NEBZ and BLACKGAM are lookin for u dogg…
    HADES: Fuck them bitches… aint that what u jus said earlier to me JOOK… the fuck u doin fuckin around with that bitch fo?
    SERGE: (Disgusted) Maaan I’m bouncin’ ….(walks to the car)
    TRAP: Yo where u goin?
    CASTRO: What are u doin… we gotta do this maan…
    SERGE: (walks to the car) fuck that…
    JOOK: (gets up to stop SERGE) Yo wait… comeon man…. We still gotta do this SERGE…
    SERGE: Maan u muthafuckas here talking about bitches and everything… I want my money maan… I want this shit…
    J DOT C: Yo what’s eatin u… first you buggin out how this happenin at the joint.. now u getting all greedy with the loot…. U need to relax..
    SERGE: (runnin up on J DOT) Yo u betta backup!!!
    CASTRO: (Jumps in to calm the tension) yo stop stop man…. Comeon…. We all in this…
    HADES: (walks to the car to leave) fuck this… yall do ur thing…
    JOOK: Yo u 2 cats gonna pull out of this money?
    SERGE: Listen you work out your shit for tonight.. me and HADES got something of our own to do… (to HADES) lets get the fuck outta here…
    (SERGE and HADES gas off….CASTRO waves them off)
    CASTRO: They’ll be back…
    J DOT C: (glares at CASTRO)
    JOOK: fuck them…
    TRAP: Yo you gonna pool the gold with both of them?
    JOOK: Hell fuckin no…. once we shake off NEBZ and his boys… we off on our own… get paid… and do our other thing at JEFF’s arena next week and get our 1st prize…..
    J DOT C: That’s gonna be enuff for us to head off livin it up elsewhere naw meeaaaan?
    (Everyone nods… and agrees…)
    JOOK: (evilly looking ahead muttering to himself) …and its all gonna be mine…..

  3. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (Meanwhile somewhere out in a corner…an anorexic heavy drug user wanders about lookin for some stuff to buy….)

    VEMBER: (faded) Maaaan im hiiigh as a muthafucka….. I got a pocket full of stooooones…. Yeaaaa I gotta pocket full of stooooones….. yo… yo bust my shit…
    SKY: (strolls by.. a bag in his hand) I’m drunk as a muthafuckaaaa….. Yo yo… let me bust my shit… I got a gut the size of white walls plump like im Michelin/I’m heavy on the 40 ounce, I don’t know where my neguhz been/I’m drunk… just like I’m sunken in some fluid/I got a posse twentyfold than the size of G-Unit… yo yo … fuck u… let go of my bottle… get the nozzle on this bitch… ha-haaaaaaaaaa!... yeah… im so drunk… (hobbles around and falls to the ground leaning on the wall)

    (A car rolls by….. EXTREME VENOM and L-DOGG together talking…)

    LDOGG: (in the passenger side looking out the window in deep thought)
    EXTREME VENOM: (in driver’s side lookin at L) Yo man.. what is it?
    LDOGG: (looking thru the window) im thinking....
    EX VENOM: So what we gonna do…
    LDOGG: I don’t want those guys performing at JEFF’s next weekend…
    EX VENOM: Why???? They ain’t all that…
    LDOGG: Yeah… but that slims down odds of us not losing…
    EX VENOM: so where am I headed….?
    LDOGG: Goto the arena…. Let’s pay JEFF a visit….
    EX VENOM: Wait what about NEBZ…
    LDOGG: What about him?? What he don’t know won’t hurt him… he ain’t performin…. Its not his concern…
    EX VENOM: Aint we supposed to roll deep together man….
    LDOGG: Look… I’m not one to be so approved of NEBZ and his bitches… for me it does me nothing maan… it benefits nothing…. If NEBZ got issues on who did GHETTOQUEEN like that… that’s one thing… but if it does nothing for me…. I aint shit with that… naw im sayin?
    EX VENOM: What about AWEDISHIN’s joint tonight?
    LDOGG: (thinking again) …. Ill have to see on that…. For now… drop me off here at the store…
    (EX VENOM parks up by the corner liquor store…)
    LDOGG: (gets out of the ride and looks back into the car) Hollah at me if you peep anything…
    EX VENOM: (nods) I gotcha…

    (LDOGG watches as EX VENOM rolls away… then checks his watch and runs down the corner block…. Headed to a house not too far ahead…)


    (Back at GHETTOQUEEN’s…)

    (knock on door… JAI-Z enters…)
    JAI-Z: Oh my gosssh…… is she ok????? Are u OK GHETTO??????
    GHETTO: (wiping her tears… runny makeup)
    NANIJAH: (gets GHETTO up and helps her to to the door…) comeon girl let’s go to the hospital…

    (The girls gather their stuff… and accompany GHETTOQ to the car… all is quiet… no one daring to kill the somberness)

    (Meanwhile…. NEBZ and BLACKGAM are inside a ride.. cruising about around the city… NEBZ feverishly looking everywhere for JOOKS and J DOT C)

    BLACKGAM: (picks up cell and dials) Where the fuck is TRAP?
    NEBZ: (driving) He ain’t answering?
    BLACKGAM: Nawww.. I keep getting his damn voicemail…
    NEBZ: Well leave a message then!
    BLACKGAM: (to phone) yo TRAP… where the fuck u at… get at me.. its BLACK (hangs up)
    NEBZ: Who was that that called earlier?
    BLACKGAM: That was NANIJAH… told me that they went to Overbrook to get GHETTOQUEEN checked out…
    NEBZ: Did they check into emergency?
    BLACKGAM: The fuck if I know…
    NEBZ: (sighs pissed)
    BLACKGAM: Heyo… so what about JOOKS and J DOT… I mean whats gonna be the situation tonight with this deal we had with them… I mean can we definitely make em suspect that they were the ones who touched GHETTOQUEEN?
    NEBZ: I don’t know… all I know is drama’s hot and TRAP and EX VENOM will be down for us… (looks over to the corner) ayo… is that MAD???
    BLACKGAM: Yeaaaah…
    NEBZ: (rolls down his window) YO MAD!!!!!!!
    MADPOET: (from afar walking down the block) ayo whasaaap….
    NEBZ: (looks back from his ride and makes a u-turn parking next to MADPOET) Yo whadup…
    MADPOET: (daps NEBZ and BLACKGAMMON) Nothin… jus got me a slurpee… bout to go on home… kick it..
    BLACKGAM: Yo u ain going to the party tonight?
    MADPOET: Oh that? Tsk… nawwww… Ain’t nothing that big goin for me to get to….
    BLACKGAM: Yo u hear about GHETTOQUEEN?
    MADPOET: GHETTOQUEEN? Nooo.. what happened!??!
    NEBZ: JOOKS and J DOT beat her and raped her…
    BLACKGAM: Forreal… NANIJAH and the girls took GHETTO to the emergency…
    NEBZ: (looks ahead concerned)
    MADPOET: Ayo… yo take me to the hospital!!!!
    BLACKGAM: (looks at NEBZ) Yeah man lets go… we wastin gas lookin for these muthafuckas…. (to MADPOET) hop on in!
    (MADPOET gets in and the fellas u-turn back on the road and veer off to Overbrook Emergency)
  4. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (Somewhere within the city… inside a limo…)

    (The mysterious figure punches numbers and the phone rings…)

    AWEDISHIN: This Mac…
    VOICE: Whadup..
    AWEDISHIN: Oh yooo whatup?
    VOICE: Party scene lookin good for tonight?
    AWEDISHIN: Definitely…. I pretty much got it right and exact
    VOICE: Listen… soon as the scenery turns up… hollah at me… I’ll be within the area…
    AWEDISHIN: Gotcha…
    VOICE: This will set the tone for next weekend at JEFF’s…
    AWEDISHIN: Be on watch… the audios and everything are provided for you’re entertainment..
    VOICE: we shall see…..
    (The VOICE hangs up and leans back looking out into the side window..)

    (At AWEDISHIN’s…inside his private room)

    AWEDISHIN: yeah!
    PENTUP: Yo… everything’s set..
    AWEDISHIN: Good… sup with PAT?
    PENTUP: PAT’s soberin up, we gave him the drive… he’ll be fine by tonight…
    AWEDISHIN: I’m worried about him… thinking he might pop off doin some dumb shet… I want you and INSENSE take watch on him…
    PENTUP: Aight… (leaves)
    AWEDISHIN: Make sure he goes home and returns ready!!!!!
    (AWEDISH picks up the phone and makes a call)
    L-DOGG: (answers) This L… who this?
    LDOGG: Is it good?
    AWEDISH: Everything’s set…
    LDOGG: U talk to homeboy…?
    AWEDISH: I just got off the phone… he’s gonna be on the watch…. U got everyone set to do their thing…
    LDOGG: Yo this beef is so big and so rampant that the joint is gonna pop off with some serious illness tonight…
    AWEDISH: Good.. see me before the battling ends…. Then when it sets back to the DJ… get ready for the cue..
    LDOGG: Gotcha..
    AWEDISH: Out.
    LDOGG: Yeah… (hangs up phone… and sits sippin on a drink sittin at VIZZ’s place… and talks to the fellas) Yo u guys all good to go?
    INKWELL: (finishing throwing crates on the truck) yeah man… VIZZ is all ready… (to VIZZ) Yo V make sure none of ur audios expose while u on the mic tonight!
    VIZZ: Don’t trip… as long as I’m up on stage scoping the place.. I’ll be able to tell u guys everything happening…
    LDOGG: (puts his earpiece on) test test… yall hearin this?
    INKWELL: (checking his earpiece) im good… SSENLLI u good?
    SSENLLI: (wearing his headset lifting the amps to the truck) Yeah.. loud and clear… --- how about you VIZZ?
    VIZZ: Im straight… but I gotta blast mine once im on stage… yall gotta hear me thru the mic since Ill be performin and talking to the crowd… yall should be able to hear me thru the speakers…
    INKWELL: Bet… yo we all good L…
    LDOGG: (walking out the door) good thing… (turns his earpiece off) u guys meet me at AWEDISHIN’S – I gotta go home and get ready…
    INKWELL: aight then…
    SSENLLI :Check ya later…
    (LDOGG leaves… INKWELL looks at the front door.. then walks over to the fellas..)
    INKWELL: Yo fellas… its all good now.
    SSNELLI: (sits on the speakers taking a breather) so u all good?
    INKWELL: MALOSOVICH and DIC will be in the van…
    VIZZ: Ill be making the calls… letting u guys know whats happenin..
    LDOGG: (looks at the fellas) be weary…. Knowing CASTRO… we don’t know what kinda shit’s gonna pull thru…

    (VIZZ looks at INK and SSENLLI… who both nod and also nod at LDOGG)

    INKWELL: aight then… let’s go.

    (The four gather up and ready to head off to AWEDISHIN’s place.)


    (Inside a garage…. SERGE and HADES sit…)

    SERGE: (uncocks the chamber and pops in a clip.. then lockin it up… setting it beside him… then pickin up a MGD) lotta muthafuckas goin down tonight..
    HADES: (messing around with his gat) TRAP will be holding us down.. we’ll know when and where to make the move… the hard part is getting that loot…
    SERGE: If it goes legit… we’ll run off with a horde of dough..
    HADES: Yeah man… Im gonna go get ready then… (gets up and walks into the house…)
    SERGE: (grabs a rag and polishes his gat…) and what about you…..

    VOICE IN THE DARK: I don’t give a fuck….. I’m ridin on all them muthafuckas….

    (VOICE IN THE DARK exposes himself)

    ENVY: They wish they knew meeeee!


  5. Fantom

    Fantom :ihadadream:

    Feb 12, 2001
  6. Extreme Venom

    Extreme Venom Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 1999
    I gotta read these shit in concurrentcy... Concurrenly?

    Con? fuckit one after the other.. so i can get the full effect of the series
  7. GammoN

    GammoN Sole Survivor of the DOJO

    Sep 30, 2004
    good shit here..keep it coming..
  8. H20_Dirty

    H20_Dirty New Member

    Apr 19, 1999
    U Got Too Much Time On Your Hands
  9. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    i wonder what will happen lol
  10. Vembeezy

    Vembeezy New Member

    May 17, 2004
    haha, wtf, i aint fat, i dont be gettin wasted n soundin stupid, ha, thaz wack,i asked for a random extra roll in tha club or some shit, not some pointless faggot role
  11. Fantom

    Fantom :ihadadream:

    Feb 12, 2001
    he tried to get as close to real life as possible...
  12. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    lol damn always blowin up my spot with violence
  13. Vembeezy

    Vembeezy New Member

    May 17, 2004
    u should really stop, u suck at wittiness...

    after i say im not fat n shit u say somethin stupid like that? go jack off to your daddy's shitty boxers faggot
  14. Fantom

    Fantom :ihadadream:

    Feb 12, 2001
    "not some pointless faggot role"

    actually, I was referring to this comment...

    as it's the role you play daily, in life and on RM...
  15. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    hahahaha dope, asshole keep this shit comin
  16. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    lol, fuckin preschooler

    you should be the last person sayin shit like that chump

    n i dont know how i play that shit daily when i havent been on RM for like 3 months, n before that wasnt on for 8 months...now keep on making senseless gay comments to everyone trying to get them to talk to you like the role you play daily on this site
  17. badassyella

    badassyella New Member

    Jul 12, 2001

    yeah, me too, lol....
  18. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    ^youll be pregnant
  19. *NativeTongue*

    *NativeTongue* New Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    u said concluding at the top

    i assumed an ending would take place

    u shouldve put continuing

    nice story anyway.
  20. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    Fantom get off my thread... and ur avatar is ugly... take it off...
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