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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    AND NOW…..





    PART 1


    (It is late night.. a flashlight shinin thru a stereo store… INKWELL and VIZZ gently pry a paper clip inside a thick bolted door in the back alley.. SSENLLI sits uncomfortably inside a truck not far away…)

    INKWELL: (whispering loudly) The fuck is takin u so long..
    VIZZ: (whispering loudly also) shutup man… Im tryin to remove the lock… get that light thru the slothole… (the bolt unlocks) … here (gives INK the paper clip) gimme that credit card… (INK hands a credit card to VIZZ… VIZZ gently pries the card thru the crevice of the security system. VIZZ gets a stick of gum… chews the gum and slides the silver wrapper into the slot where the sensors fit thru the lock. The door opens) Wala…
    INK: (looks at the door) how the fuck they put a security system that hardcore on a fucked up door like this…
    VIZZ: (fingers INK in) lets go…

    (The two fumble thru the shop and grab mics, mixing boards, a huge amp and a set of speakers just outside the door. SSENLLI backs his truck next to the shop and unlocks his truck.)

    SSENLLI: (runs to the front to get the equipment to the truck) Hurrry up!!!!

    (VIZZ fumbles through with some cords, small head unit equipment and helps load the truck. INK jets through carrying two technics turntables and an Exodus crossfader/sampler machine… and loads it in the truck)

    VIZZ: Help me with these speakers!! (The two load both speakers on the truck. SSENLLI straps 3 long coiled-up cords around the truck aside and over and securely lock up the truck)

    SSENLLI: comeon let’s bounce!!! (VIZZ and INK jump on and the truck flees…)

    (A figure walks out of a dark corner of the alley and watches SSENLLI drive off. The figure opens his cell and dials a number…)

    UNKNOWN FIGURE: Yo…. Get EXTREME VENOM and the others and tell em them muthafuckas jacked the shit… (the figure flaps shut his cell and slowly walks away)

  2. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (The next morning, at about noon… GHETTOQUEEN walks out of a mall carrying shopping bags and jets to her ride. She gets in in her Honda Accord and slowly rolls off. As she cruises her cell phone rings. GHETTOQUEEN answers…)

    NANIJAH: Sup girl??
    GHETTOQUEEN: Where u at?
    NANIJAH: I got out of work just now… I gotta head to the B of A and get this money worked out…
    NANIJAH: They went to the salon… NEBZ said he was gonna get at you later before we head out to the party tonight.
    GHETTOQUEEN: Whaat?? That neguh told me he and BLACKGAM was gonna work.
    NANIJAH: Well he told me he was gonna come pick you up to go eat..
    GHETTOQUEEN: Let me get at u --- I need to call this neguh… I’ll holler..
    NANIJAH: Ill call u when I get this taken care of..
    GHETTOQUEEN: OK (hangs up.. and redials a number while makin a left)
    NEBZ: Hello?
    GHETTOQUEEN: Where u at?
    NEBZ: Me and BLACKGAM here…
    GHETTOQUEEN: at the pad?
    NEBZ: Yeaa…
    GHETTOQUEEN: I thought u was gonna work…
    NEBZ: (coughs) naaaa… Im working tomorrow… EX VENOM filling in for me so I can roll with you tonight..
    GHETTOQUEEN: Well I need to get home.. jump in the shower.. and get ready…
    NEBZ: Call me before u bail out…
    GHETTOQUEEN: OK… Imma go now… Love u baby
    NEBZ: (coughs) Yea…
    GHETTOQUEEN: What are u doin?
    NEBZ: Just here fuckin around with BLACKGAM smoking out…
    GHETTOQUEEN: Did u get that shet from JOOK?
    NEBZ: Yeah but I don’t want you goin to buyin that shit from him or his neguhz no more..
    GHETTOQUEEN: why not?
    NEBZ: Those bitches overpricing and bullshittin us for the nickel bag
    GHETTOQUEEN: Well goto someone else then
    NEBZ: Cant right now…
    NEBZ: JOOK talking about doin some big shet with me and BLACKGAM on some big money deal. We’re saving up part of our work money to get this chronic shit down… he said we bout to comeup with the money bigtime…
    GHETTOQUEEN: I never liked him… that boy scares me sometimes..
    NEBZ: U lyin… I seen u look at him a couple times…
    GHETTOQUEEN: Whaaat?!?!?!?? Da hell u talking about?
    NEBZ: ohhh shutup…. I seen how he looks at u…. anytime me and him do something.. I don’t want u around…
    GHETTOQUEEN: Whaat!?!? What the fuck is up wit that?
    NEBZ: What! – JOOK and J DOT be talking about u and shit…. Annoys me…
    GHETTOQUEEN: What they say about me…
    NEBZ: Said some shit..
    GHETTOQUEEN: Like what….
    NEBZ: (coughs) I gotta go… call me when u jet…
    GHETTOQUEEN: Heeey.. NEBZ…. No… u tell me…
    NEBZ: Look Ill talk to u later… ok I gotta go…
    GHETTOQUEEN: (long silence)
    NEBZ: Heeey..
    GHETTOQUEEN: (no reply)
    GHETTOQUEEN: U never change…
    NEBZ: Whaaa?!? The fuck u talking about?
    GHETTOQUEEN: First off.. u don’t even tell me u love me… and then u start getting into a jealous fit when u think every neguh on the block’s hawkin at me…
    NEBZ: Cus its trueee! What the fuck…
    GHETTOQUEEN: Look go do ur thing… Im home now..
    NEBZ: Baby….
    NEBZ: Why u getting mad?
    NEBZ: I said why u getting mad?
    GHETTOQUEEN: Whatever…. Ill call u back.
    (both hang up. GHETTOQUEEN looks at her phone and shakes her head sighing)


    (Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city… 2 fellas inside a black escalade wait outside a liquor store)

    HADES: (walks out with a large sack filled with stuff and enters the escalade) Yoo… here… (gives CASTRO his pepsi 1 liter and his Funyuns.. and gives SERGE some zigzags and a pack of Newport 100’s. HADES takes out a big bottle of VSOP and opens up his Doritos.)
    CASTRO: So tell me what happened?
    HADES: I saw L-DOGG talking to those 3 neguhs.. and he told them to go into your uncle’s accessory store and popped in and jacked all the musical equipment in the shop.
    CASTRO: Yo we bout to fuck these muthafuckas up maan…
    SERGE: Ever since your cousin got fucked up by VIZZ… this shit been foul… whatsup with all that shit u said u jacked from ur uncle’s pad..
    CASTRO: Yo I got some military shit… I’m talking high technology state of the art shit maan.. walkie talkies, swiss army knives, gats, and sub machines…
    HADES: Yooo that’s gangsta…
    SERGE: We doin this tonight???
    CASTRO: We fuckin up everybody at that spot tonight maan… that party happening over at AWEDISHIN’s place….
    HADES: That’s the party with everyone headed over to.. right?
    CASTRO: Yo… call TRAP on your cell and get JOOK and J DOT C on this bitch…
    HADES: U think they gonna be down?
    CASTRO: They better after I hooked them up with that money they owe me….
    SERGE: Maan I told u… yall cant trust those fuckerz… fuck em…
    CASTRO: Noo.. I need these guys for the hit… then whatever comes after… we all finnah break away from them… and take what’s ours… naw mean? --- They’ll be our bait to help getting at L and them 3 cats..
    SERGE: (puffs up and glares at HADES)
    HADES: (looks at SERGE thru the side mirror and nods.. then looks at CASTRO…)

    (The 3 roll on)


    (Meanwhile at a local community college, MADPOET walks out of campus and into the parking lot. He chirps his ride and gets in… but suddenly gets shaken when someone pulls behind him)

    VOICE: Heeeeeey
    MADPOET: (jumps back)
    JAI-Z: Whatsup…. Sorry I scared ya…
    MADPOET: Whatsup?
    JAI-Z: Why didn’t you goto your English class?
    MADPOET: I didn’t do the essay that was due today…
    JAI-Z: aaaa… wasn’t that hard…. I had that to do plus some math I had to take care of…. But heey I wanted to know if u goin to that party tonight…
    MADPOET: That party at AWEDISHIN’s?
    JAI-Z: Yeaa… Imma go with me and my friends…
    MADPOET: I gotta do some errands but Ill see…Ill prolly drop by there and check it out..
    JAI-Z: Well…. I just wanted to know….
    MADPOET: (looks at her with a curiousity) Is that why u wanted to talk to me…
    JAI-Z: Welll….. no… I came because of the English class…
    MADPOET: (looks at her su****iously) Ohh ok…
    JAI-Z: (punches his shoulder playfully) Whatever… look I gotta go… I’ll see u later tonight… U better go! (waves and leaves)
    MADPOET: (looks at her rather curious. A ride rolls by and JAI-Z get into the ride… EX VENOM and TRAP pick up JAI and roll off. MADPOET watches.. and then leaves the campus.)
  3. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    (At AWEDISHIN’s big house… we find people gathering up and moving furniture and setting up drinks and music in certain locations of the house.)

    AWEDISHIN: (on the phone) ok… ok… make sure that all the drinks get on time… I got some here… but I want a helluva lot more.. aight??? --- coo… talk to u later… (hangs up. Looks at PATRIARCH and PENT) We got the systems up?
    PENTUP: It’s all set… pretty much the stage is ready… did u talk to JEFF?
    AWEDISHIN: He’s busy for next week’s concert at the arena… even though the spot’s gonna come thru we most likely aint gonna have shit go down here…
    PENTUP: (walking away) hope not.
    AWEDISHIN: Yo PATRIARCH how’s them drinks comin?
    PATRIARCH: (sippin on some COKE and HENNESSEY) Shiiiet……. This the shet…
    PENTUP: Save that shit for tonight maaan.. da fuck u getin buzzed for right now..
    INSENSE: Yeaaah u gotta make sure everything’s straight for tonight… sober ur ass up..
    PATRIARCH: Yooo stop trippin.. I got this shit set…
    AWEDISHIN: I do not wanna hear or even know about shit happenin tonight… I got some business to work with for the arena so we can get ourselves the gig for next weekend…
    INSENSE: Yeaaaah PAT… don’t be fuckin us over..
    PATRIARCH: Fuck u.. I got it all handled…
    PENTUP: (looks at AWEDISHIN unsure)
    AWEDISHIN: (with concern.. nods in approval then walks off to handle other business)


    (At GHETTQUEEN’s pad… NEBZ and BLACKGAMMON roll up. They park their rides… and just as NEBZ gets outta his vehicle.. a horn honks!)

    JOOKS: (inside the ride) Yooo… u got that money?
    NEBZ: What the fuck maaan…. U tryin to kill me????
    J DOT C: Bring that money tonight at the party dogg…
    JOOKS: U make sure no raw shit goes down tonight… cus ill tell u right now… we aint comin thru alone…
    BLACKGAM: U think we’re comin alone???
    NEBZ: I got yo shit… just be there!
    JOOKS: Aight… but Imma be watchin u… (the two roll off)
    NEBZ: (shakes his head as they leave.. and gets out of the car) Yo GHETTO!!!! (approaching the front door)
    BLACKGAM: Heey maan… heey maan… the door’s open…
    NEBZ: (approaches the door… and finds GHETTOQUEEN on the floor crying with a bruiser on her face) WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?? WHAT HAPPENED????????
    GHETTOQUEEN: (cries clutched on the floor) I ……I don’t knooooowww (cries)…. All of a sudden… someone barged in…. and I s---screa-screamed… (cries) and when I tried to reach the phone… someone turned and knocked me on the floor….
    NEBZ: (looks up and stares at BLACKGAMMON) .. JOOK!

    (NEBZ runs to the middle of the street and looks at the direction JOOK and J DOT C disappeared to…. As BLACKGAMMON helps GHETTOQUEEN on the couch. GHETTOQUEEN sits… and starts crying…)

    (Moments later NANIJAH, SHORT2003, and MARQUISE roll up)

    NANIJAH: (rushes in) Girl what the fuck happened!!!!!
    (MARQUISE and SHORT sit beside GHETTOQUEEN and comfort her)
    NEBZ: (looks at BLACKGAMMON. BLACKGAM looks back at NEBZ) --- GHETTO me and BLACK will brb… u girls call the cops and make a report…

    NANIJAH: Theyre already on the way….

    NEBZ: (looks long at GHETTOQUEEN….. who looks back at NEBZ…) Ill be back hon…

    (NEBZ and BLACKGAMMON take off and skid away…. The 3 girls comforting GHETTO)


    (@ INKWELL’s pad…)

    VIZZ: Yeaaaaaah… ha ha! This the shit… all this equipment and we bound to make this happen for the arena next weekend!
    SSENLLI: Im feelin this mixer/sampler.. shit is ill…
    INKWELL: (grabs the headphones and starts pumpin up some music… cutting and scratchin….)

    (Outside… L-DOGG rolls up… exits his ride and comes up to the door.)

    L-DOGG: YOOOO OPEN UP!.... (turns the front door knob and walks in) --- YOOOO TURN THIS SHIT DOWN!!!
    INKWELL: (continues mixing) whadup L!
    SSENLLI: (walks up to L and daps him) u got this locked baby…. Ooo-weee..
    L-DOGG: U think its locked????? Turn that shit off… we got some stuff to talk about…
    VIZZ: (puts his records down) what u mean.. (approaching him) what’s up?
    L-DOGG: Seems like someone found out about yall hittin CASTRO’s joint..
    INKWELL: (turns his system off) --- The fuck u mean L?
    L-DOGG: What I mean… is somebody saw yall…
    VIZZ: Well how they know it was us…. It was pitch black that night…
    L-DOGG: Look man.. I don’t know how this cat knew… or what… but word is is that CASTRO knows now… and if yall headed to AWEDISH’s party tonight…. U do know that they will be there lookin for u guys…
    SSENLLI: Wait…. VIZZ has to perform tonight… what we gonna do?
    INKWELL: Yo holdup (goes behind the turntables and grabs a big box) Here…
    SSENLLI: (looks at the box) What’s this???
    L-DOGG: Earpieces… communicator boxes…
    VIZZ: Sick… we can talk on these…
    SSENLLI :But what about the frequencies… if they got pieces too aint they gonna hear us out?
    L-DOGG: Knowing CASTRO… they won’t have this type of high tech shit with them… theyre too ghetto to be using this type of shit…
    VIZZ: Daaamn u makin like us goin thru some FBI undercover shit…
    L-DOGG: All I know is that word is out… and a mark to cap is put on all 3 of u…
    SSENLLI :Well what about u?
    L-DOGG: I got my own problems to worry about…. Get yourselves strapped and ready… cause these fellas comin gully tonight….
    (SSENLI peers over at INK… who thinks carefully)
    INKWELL: aight.. good lookin out L (Daps L) --- look I gotta go shower… yall get this shit stacked up and put away…. We gotta get ready…
    L-DOGG: (Nods)
    INKWELL: (walks off to the bathroom and shuts the door. INK grabs the towel.. and pulls out a cell phone….. he dials some digits and makes a call)..

    Yo…. We gotta strap up for tonight!



  4. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    Lmao@Cas soundin' hard.

    Only accurate shit there was me puffin' Newports. Serge don't say ''pad''.
  5. Hades

    Hades Product of the 80's

    Jan 14, 2000
    me and serge would never be scene with castro. believe dat!
  6. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    VIZZ: (fingers INK in)
  7. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    Also, I'd laugh at Cas' cousin gettin' fucked up period.
  8. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lmfao the story line is ill as fuck no wonder u got like nine championships under ya belt.
  9. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    ^^???, he has 2 championships, and he just got the 2nd one
  10. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    feeling it so far, getting caught up in dumb shit just like r.l. lol
  11. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lol man I am so blitzed I was thinking about doyen
  12. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    dope Tek, always tryin to get my shit shot up though

  13. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    u have to love me after all the stories i got u in.... ur the centerpiece of attention in all the stuff i write :p
  14. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002
    Dope Shit...
    lol Jook...dont be touchin my bitch..
  15. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    lol this is pretty creative i must admit... i wouldnt be able to create so many characters
  16. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
  17. Hades

    Hades Product of the 80's

    Jan 14, 2000


    ooo buddy your parts coming in the movie

    just wait. im sure tek has something for you

    i bet you cant wait
  18. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    actually i will NOT have super or oz in this.....

    concentrating more on a storyline and twists and plots etc etc etc
  19. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Oz and Super are the annoying fat kids of Rm that go around pointing and laughing when one of them shits their pants
  20. Extreme Venom

    Extreme Venom Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 1999

    You can be a herb sometimes.. Humility is gold for gaining points for the ego.. Should just admit the shit is rather creative indeed.

    This shit is Mad crazy son.. not stupid, cause I'm sure everyone enjoys this but not many would take the time, illness that you did. lol Got me reading & eating some chicken like the shit is really a movie lol.. 100 props.. like a rstl verse with out the ryhme part but just as much, or more entertainment value.

    lol.. One things for sure.. If we all ever decide to do a REAL movie.. we know who's writing the script lol..
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