A fiends dream....(a story for X pill lovers)

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by ~TUPAC~2, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Jul 11, 2001
    i cant think everythings at a stand still
    im kinda freakin out and everybodys like man chill
    i jus had 2 fiths of absolute and a couple damn pills
    xanax,roxys and this dude was trippin so popped him in the head wit som advil/
    but thats not the best, tha finest bitch that caught eye
    had her hands on sum of the finest a X that i could find/
    she said "look i give u some if u move the rest"
    i said "how many u got?" "dont worry enough to 2 leave u blessed"/
    so fuck it while im at this party i move so much of these things
    then i started to blink, it jus a fuckin strobe light, but it seems
    im mind fucked i rollin off into the abyss
    and this bitch seems to be the only one im with/
    and while im on this journey im so far from my worrys
    that i feel to fuckin great to think i have any hurrys/
    to ever come back, the fucks up wit that/
    i runnin wit the love of my life and im not comein back......

    4 months later......

    me and this girl, we doin great, man u wouldnt believe
    poppin X all the time, we dont need notin to eat/
    give us sum liquor and sum pills we'll get over the hill
    of fighttin this eviction notice, fuck it we'll fuck and jus chill/
    night after night, party after party
    my girls face a lil pale and ive gotten kinda scrony
    been through a couple temp agents aint got no money on me
    we goin through her jewlry see what we think about pawnin/
    man i think we fallin, the moneys not for damn rent
    its cus we owed the pill man a lil bit on the last trip/
    we cant manage, i cant understand it
    bound together by our love for a habit

    a fiends dream.......
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