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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by MADDRAPPER, Aug 26, 2003.

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    MADDRAPPER I own you motherfuckers..

    Apr 27, 2001
    MADDRAPPER and KAREEM Just Rapping

    I’m KAREEM on MADD’S team got ill game while
    Other cats build lame like unskilled carpenters no style
    Your hammer, nails and grammar fails to prevail like a pile
    Of junk, I’ll admit I bit EMENEM but not condeming him
    He got great styles look I ran eight miles end up in a slim
    Trailer park have to tote a razor after dark, this is the hood
    on wheels, get good deals on dope I hope, my scope should
    Expand, derive benefits and survive legit with a live spit
    So I knew I would do good I’ve fought a lot after MADDRAPPER
    Taught me hot stone rhymes online never a sad chapter
    Got with MADD and learned much clout started to turn
    Church out on cats like the bendiction cause friction that burn
    So MADDRAPPER, what up KAREEM? With this rhyme I’m done
    Now time for your fun, so hit em up Dun Yo! Yo! never a blind one
    Mark cats with an asterisk, take their stats and heart and plaster it
    On walls then throw darts, flow arts like Mozart got a master skit
    In the studio like Coolio sometime like Doug flutie throw bombs
    To chums, I fought hard with thoughts of regard to rap keep nerves calm
    See rap takes care of pain so I share this flame with folks as
    The gift is spoke seem to uplift smoke so we don’t joke or jazz
    It’s a nifty event we do like fifty-cent snatch off blings from
    A false batch of JAROO cats they try be pretty for the hons

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