77. Bronze 1-1 vs 78. Glass Eye 1-1

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Serge dot T, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest


    ..The RBL Rules & Regulations..

    RBL Verses Due Friday, 12 Midnight: Eastern Time
    RBL Votes Due Sun. @ 11 o’clock PM:Eastern Time

    Each battler is entitled to up their thread ONCE.
    Upping includes counting votes, discussing votes, or
    replying period. Each time you up your thread more than once
    you'll lose 1 vote.

    You must vote on at least six battles EVERY week..
    For every vote that you are missing, you will be deducted
    that number. Make sure to edit the links of the battles in
    your check-in post.

    If there is enough evidence or reason to suspect favoritism
    (dickriding) the person accused will be eliminated from the
    RBL. There are no crew or outside votes, meaning
    you must be in the RBL. An for the vote to count you must
    VOTE under your League name. NO ALIAS VOTING PEOPLE!!

    4 Lines: Minimum; 30 Lines: Maximum, and the bar
    range, or amount must be agreed on by both battlers. You
    may edit your verse, ONLY if you’re the first cat to post ya
    verse and The 2nd guy hasn’t posted his shit yet.

    Word of the Week!!!!


    Any head caught biting will be banned from the League
    or any RBL Tournaments.

    All questions go to: rapmusicnovel@yahoo.com
  2. Yukon & Eyeon.

    Yukon & Eyeon. New Member

    Feb 6, 2003
    I see this.

    I'm goin 10-12 lines, cool?
  3. GlassEye

    GlassEye New Member

    May 25, 2003
    12 is good
  4. GlassEye

    GlassEye New Member

    May 25, 2003

    i act an asshole & start shittin on clowns
    ur my door to the top...
    but i'm not knockin ya skills - i'm kickin 'em down
    scare off fake emcees & make 'em flee fast w/ ease
    like a gay prostitute... He'll get his shit packed & leave
    i kno who drives his train of thought & u'll find this true
    its the same guy...
    ...that drives the short bus that he rides to school
    he takes this too serious & his stress is building
    & if he wasn't so damn clumsy he'd prolly catch a feeling
    no one cares about you just fuckin leave dude
    always tryna meet expectations...
    but expectations DON'T wanna meet you
    Call me Moses when i start my crazed ways
    cuz in this craft i'll split ya wig and part ya brain waves
  5. Mud.Crumb

    Mud.Crumb Apollo Child! 1986.

    Jul 4, 2003

    Glass Eye wins...Bronze NS

    *closes the motherfucking thread*

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