67. Butler Vs. 68. Lunch-Mate

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by U S E R, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    :RBL Rules & Regulations:

    RBL Verses Due: Friday's:12 (Midnight-Eastern Time)

    RBL Voting Due: Sunday's:11.P.M (PM-Eastern Time)

    -Each battler is allowed to up their threads TWICE in a match.​
    before the battler(s) is penalized -1 vote for each up after the​
    entitled amount. Upping: (vote count,discussing votes,or just​
    replying period)​

    -You MUST vote on 6 battles EACH week & EDIT the vote links​
    in your "check in" posts. Failure to vote on ALL 6 will result in a​
    deduction of votes for the links you're missing. Meaning.. you​
    drop 4 links, you LOSE 2 votes automatically.​

    -No: Dickriding/ Favortism/ Crew/ Hate/ Unexplained Votes!!​

    -RBL "Under 300 Posts" List: If an opponent has LESS than 300​
    posts, check this list to see if his RBL name is on there. If not​
    contact a mod, immediately.​

    -Mininum Lines: 4 (2 Couplets)/ Max. Lines: 30 (15 Couplets)!​
    Also, battlers MUST agree on the amount of lines to be written​
    for each verse. If not, whoever drops first determines the MAX​
    line amount. For example, If I drop 16 first, without agreeing​
    my opponent cannot go MORE than 16 lines.​

    -NO EDITING!!!! If your opponent comes and tell us you edited a​
    verse, EVEN if it's only a fucking word or phrase, you're done &​
    will be given an AUTOMATIC disqualifcation.​

    -Late verses will result in an AUTOMATIC disqualification, don't​
    even care if it's 5 minutes late. Even if s mod late with closing​
    the no shows, the deadline will still be enforced. Yes, there are​
    extensions..but you will be deducted 3 votes for recieiving one.​

    -if you bitch about votes, youre docked 20, so don't fuckin sway

    -Closed battles are finalized. Unless the mod made a mistake in​
    closing your thread, any problem regarding the battle AFTER it​
    has been closed..you will have to deal with it. But../If the mod​
    just messed up something, then it's cool for it to be changed.​


    -The Rapmusic Battle League​
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