666 rounds

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  1. bronzerebel

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    Mar 20, 2014
    I'm seeing angels on the floor, hearing rings with no dismissal
    Girl you just melt the plastic off my shades, never seen a halo get a whistle
    Like you wanna open up the gates for me, but you don't wanna let me in
    Hearing that I can't switch worlds, but you don't give a fuck about my sin
    Would you give up your wings just for me?
    Girl you won't like it down here, there's not enough angels but way too many degrees
    You know I just got that 4 word disease, asking where all this evil comes from
    Don't look me in the eyes, just begging you not to succumb
    Don't tell me what we can become, don't look at me like I'm not scum
    Because they keep telling me that I got no soul, but I never really had one
    Flames and regret aren't fun, choosing between the golden children and the hell raisers
    No cool drip like the horns said fuck the glaciers, stay up their with all the shiny shoes and vests
    Girl a rebel is bad for your health, a demon isn't blessed
    So keep your higher connections while I take 666 rounds to the chest
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    Dec 22, 2013

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