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  1. lyricalpriest

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    Apr 12, 2000

    if you post under me you must leave me a message with a critique on my verse.. person who posts under you must return the favor and so forth..

    I said Hi to this lil sexy thing
    and she replied to me respectfully
    in the back of my mind she was tempting me
    to like it, and to wife it with a wedding ring
    im getting ahead of me
    times tickin on steadily
    im spittin' that melody
    my game should be a crime times a felony
    the way i'm goin in
    no pretends it's real and she's knowin' it
    b/c she slowly begin's to grin n bite her lip
    she looks down she looks up you can tell she's likin' it
    i'm talkin' fast as if i'm tryna cover up the finer print
    im tryna define the print unwind recline n sip big time'n rhymin pimp
    it's what ya dealin' wit when you in my whip do u know who u ridin' wit?
    i'm tryna get, n understanding
    why a woman fine as you ain't found a man yet
    i bet you wanna know why a man handsome as me
    ain't got a wife, and a nuculear family it's a tragedy
    well actually, it's all apart of my destiny
    n maybe that was to bring me to this point & find you eventually
    it's truelly a blessing we get to meet
    energetically she began to speak voice sounded sweet
    and everything she articulated came out angellically
    things she was tellin' me was really killin me
    had me laughin' thinkin' philosophicallly she reached me intellgintly
    sensually sexually and intellectually it was so special because
    she made me feel extaci when she was standing here next to me
    she was the right pedigree
    i knew i'd recognize the taste she was the right recipe
    so i told her to her face
    message me gave her the cell n made my exit G
    commenced to ski down the hill w/ more game then totally and tremendously
    impressive thing's began to happen when you mess with me best believe
    i be gettin'...
    can i get a moment of silence?...

    Now I'm back at it..
    i put her down...
    but picked her back up relapsed like a crack addict
    I got super witty jokes
    so i didn't hesitate to drop em after everylilthing she spoke
    matterfact we was textin' so it was after everything she wrote
    plus i have interesting quotes
    the conversation had her by her throat..
    two to the kneck one in the head
    had her tryna suck me dry like the queen of the undead
    ima prize, and she could tell that aint a lie
    b/c now she textin' me everyday tryna meet up n say Hi
    it started off with hi, then we was gettin' high up in the cluods
    puffin on loud we never plan on coming down fuckin' around
    i ain't even tap yet, and I know I got the juices flowin'
    seducin' you to wake up from ya nap yep the roosters crowin'
    im tryna shake it up
    u been sleepin on men for a long time im tryna wake u up
    like coffee in the morning ill be the king of the creme
    you be my sexy dark hot lil queen of the ring
    i'm already knowin' that if i like it i need put ring up on it
    i know money don't make the man but god damn i make the money
    and if that don't make me the man then somethings funny
    i real man hold his woman up like his own crown
    and a real woman inspires n holds her man down..
    she don't necessarilly need a man that made it
    b/c she knows when they both together they gone make it
    and he dont necessarilly have to be fuckin groupies
    when he's out n about makin' moves in persuit of the lucci
    but she can trust that dada gonna come home get her hot n wet like jacuzzis
    roll up the oowee pour the xo n ovo out n it's all action-n-cut like we makin' a movie
    roll the haze in the dubee face it n do me get her lost in the matrix
    like she was takin' a roofy now she can't seem to stand str8 n the movement
    it got her lost in the sauce
    but of course she was prepared to get tossed by a boss
    im glad we crossed paths
    its symetry the way our hearts match
    i got large plans
    with you n me in em if u play the part caste
    I stole her heart she said she hates crooks
    I just wanted to poke her over n over and not on facebook
    take her to my place her n her tight waste
    put her case up in my face tag it like "this is my space"
    idc if u gon' tryn hate u'll be kinda late b/c she already in my time line
    most beautiful dime I ever seen in my life time she got me goin Nutz
    I don't think im in my right mind
    i got earn her trust
    plus i gotta learn her star sign im tryna be full not part time
    ask her what her intrests are things to make her smile
    all the while im plannin on bein here for a while any man say he don't
    want a trophy wife then damn he in denial
    i know i live in an apartment sometimes i can be an asshole
    but damn yo i swear with u here u turn my house into a castle
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    Sep 26, 2012
    no comments? its nice bro

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    Jul 29, 2012
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