61. Anno Domini 1-0 vs 62. Raw Dogg 1-0

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Serge dot T, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    ..The RBL Rules & Regulations..

    RBL Verses Due Friday, 12 Midnight: Eastern Time
    RBL Votes Due Sun. @ 11 O’Clock PM: Eastern Time

    Each battler is entitled to up their thread TWICE.
    Upping includes counting votes, discussing votes, or
    replying period. Each time you up your thread more than twice
    you'll lose 1 vote.

    You must vote on 6 battles each week and edit the
    links in your thread or lose 1 vote for each link not posted.

    No dickriding, favortism, alias, or hate votes.

    4 line minimum, there is no maximum amount but both
    battlers must agree on a line limit. If you dont, first one to
    drop will assume the line limit & every1 else MUST match it.
    The line limit for more than 2 members is automatically 16.

    Battles with 3 or more members that get more
    than one noshow lower the winners win to only 1.

    There is no editting allowed AT AL, if some1 tells us that
    you've editted your verse it will result in an automatic DQ.

    If a verse is posted a single minute after drop time, no matter
    if a mod hasnt closed it, it is still considered late, so dont even
    waste your time posting.

    Extensions get granted minus 3 votes of your opponent hasnt
    dropped when you request it. 7 votes will be deducted if he/she has.

    A Mod will make a decisive vote when TIED battles are closed.

    Cluttering another members thread will result in a DQ on
    your behalf.

    Closed threads are finalized ones. If you havent reached a Mod
    about any problem youre having, and its been closed, youll have
    to live with whatever decision the thread was closed with.

    If you break a rule, its your fault,
    these rules are to be read, not ignored.

    JACKET New Member

    Mar 13, 2001

    How bout we use last weeks line limit???

    Let me know if thats cool...
  3. Anno Domini

    Anno Domini The pen is mightier...

    Sep 30, 2003
    I don't know what you mean. How about we go 10-12?

    JACKET New Member

    Mar 13, 2001
    im sayin we just go old rules...30 line max...im prolly just gonna do bout twenty'er sum but thats a good limit...10-12 a bit down there son..

    but whatever..

    JACKET New Member

    Mar 13, 2001
    Fuck it...

    sup 'playa'...

    Don't even dribble the ball...son this'a'mans sport//
    Vaginal whore, bet'cha friends call you 'ANN' fa'short//
    Well listen here ANN, Hope ya plans'abort//
    Cuz admission'a'price ta'pay ya cheap ass can't afford//
    Im'da expert..my wackest'verse'ya best-work//
    so fuck 'stealin ya show' i'll 'Steal ya whole damn Network'//
    You can't approach, son better bring'ya best//
    If not? I 'Propose' that I 'Ring' ya neck//
    I swing'da best, knock'ya block'off//
    Im real you'da knock-off, cheap and 'Fruity' as Cough Drops//
    Im outta ya range, son you needa come'closer//
    Seen ya pic....Needa grow some feet before we "Rub Shoulders"//
    So run home son, aint big enough'ta bark'wit//
    this dog'witta jaw big'enough to knaw ya arm'off wit//
    You harmless, try bowlin'instead//
    Cuz you like Gary Cole in the 'deep end', "In Over ya Head"//
    son..I'd say you 'Fell'off'...but how'could that be//
    you ain't been 'On Top' yet, to premature'ta match-me//
    You ain't equal'half'a me..no emcee, you wack'see//
    If'ya raps'was cash son you aint'payin the cab'fee.....

    So now how you gettin'home???
  6. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Raw Dogg wins

    Anno no shows
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