59. Cassanova Storm 2-2 vs 60. Vember 3-3

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Serge dot T, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    ..The RBL Rules & Regulations.. ​

    RBL Verses Due Friday, 12 Midnight: Eastern Time
    RBL Votes Due Sun. @ 11 O’Clock PM: Eastern Time

    Each battler is entitled to up their thread TWICE.
    Upping includes counting votes, discussing votes, or
    replying period. Each time you up your thread more than twice
    you'll lose 1 vote.

    You must vote on 6 battles each week and edit the
    links in your thread or lose 1 vote for each link not posted.

    No dickriding, favortism, alias, or hate votes.

    rbl under 300 post member exception list
    view this list to see if the person thats dropped a verse against you, if under 300 posts, is on thsi list. if hes not, contact a mod.

    4 line minimum, there is no maximum amount but both
    battlers must agree on a line limit. If you dont, first one to
    drop will assume the line limit & every1 else MUST match it.
    The line limit for more than 2 members is automatically 16.

    Battles with 3 or more members that get more
    than one noshow lower the winners win to only 1.

    There is no editting allowed AT AL, if some1 tells us that
    you've editted your verse it will result in an automatic DQ.

    If a verse is posted a single minute after drop time, no matter
    if a mod hasnt closed it, it is still considered late, so dont even
    waste your time posting.

    Extensions get granted minus 3 votes of your opponent hasnt
    dropped when you request it. 7 votes will be deducted if he/she has.

    A Mod will make a decisive vote when TIED battles are closed.

    Cluttering another members thread will result in a DQ on
    your behalf.

    Closed threads are finalized ones. If you havent reached a Mod
    about any problem youre having, and its been closed, youll have
    to live with whatever decision the thread was closed with.

    If you break a rule, its your fault,
    these rules are to be read, not ignored.
  2. Cassanova Storm

    Cassanova Storm " The Beretta"

    Aug 29, 2003
  3. Cassanova Storm

    Cassanova Storm " The Beretta"

    Aug 29, 2003
    i see a quick key would be precise for V
    i don't gotta show you suck look at the sig of manic d...
    you can not be, seriously thinking about showing up against me.
    cuz i lace more tracks quicker than bobby can give to whitney.....
    i known to turn my back on your shyne, just like p.diddy
    yet i'm infamous for my shooting like nash dirk and finley...
    i can't take your serious like the band to mr. bentley.
    couldn't have any thug in you even sipping on bailey's and hennessy....
    you the type of faggot ••••• that kill innocent bystander's to show you crazy to your enemies....
    how you suppose to insert fear, when we don't know what a vember be?
    well i'll put it meaning in the the dictionary - it means to be dearly departed yet seldomly remember, to get beat the fuck up molested and dismember.....
    qoute webster.... now look up cassanova storm the beretta, and it merely state's that there's none better....
    where's your poncho? cuz next to you only a pussy get's wetter.
    i don't need no punches nor metaphors verse a lot of ecterara
    hit the dojo, cuz i ain't got much advice or love for you but what i can tell u is simply just FUCK YOU.

  4. Mud.Crumb

    Mud.Crumb Apollo Child! 1986.

    Jul 4, 2003

    [Vember] No Shows

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