50 Cent talks about The Massacre in DubCNN Interview

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop Central' started by E. Fate, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. E. Fate

    E. Fate Guest

    dubcnn.com: Whatup 50?

    Hey, how you doin' Nima!

    dubcnn.com: I'm good! Last time I talked to you, you had just finished shooting the video to In Da Club. Since then, your life has completely changed. Are you happy?

    Aw man I'm feelin' good man! Big transition.

    dubcnn.com: You're about to drop your 2nd album, The Massacre. Are you positive it will be able to come close to Get Rich Or Die Tryin'?

    Oh man, I feel like it's better than the first album! I put alot more details into it, I got a chance to sit back and see what was effective already. I mean I felt like I had my finger on the pulse of what's goin' on. I've had my first releases off my record company, G-Unit Records had the success they've been having. Like Beg For Mercy sold like 3.5 million worldwide, Lloyd Banks scanned over 2 million records, Young Buck is platinum, and Game debuted Nr. 1, sellin' 580,000 records his first week!

    dubcnn.com: Congratulations on that by the way.

    Thank you!

    dubcnn.com: How many songs is Dr. Dre producing on there?

    Well Dre produced 3 records.

    dubcnn.com: Who else did you get for production?

    It's Dre, Eminem, Hi-Tek, Scott Storch, Buckwild, Needlz, JR, Styles, Sha Money, a whole bunch of new producers. It's actually gonna be 20 tracks on this new album.

    dubcnn.com: What about guest appearances?

    You know me and Eminem work together good, so me and him worked together. I did a song with Olivia for Candy Shop, first single, and she's the first female with G-Unit. I'm excited about her project, it's actually the next release off G-Unit Records, she should be out in May. And away from that, I have Tony Yayo on 2 records on the album, and at the very end of the album I have a song with Jamie Foxx, me and him collaborated on a song called I Thug You Up, and the last song is a remix to "Hate It Or Love It" with me, Game, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

    dubcnn.com: Ya'll just shot a video for that too right?

    Yeah we just shot a video for the original Hate It Or Love It. That's Game's second single.

    dubcnn.com: Everybody was sayin' "Higher" was gonna be his second single, so that's not true?

    You know what? I felt like "Higher" was the 2nd single when we first recorded it.

    dubcnn.com: Higher is my favorite track off the record...

    Yeah! And, what happened was, it had leaked out. The record leaked out, Higher went out on the streets before How We Do went out! So in my head, after you blow the urgency, you know when the record is new and it comes out, it's like "Wow, this is hot!". But I don't like to go backwards. So if I leak records out... Like let's say if my album leaked.. Nah i don't even wanna say that cause I'd have a heart attack *laughs* But if mine leaked out, I'd have to change records on it.
  2. E. Fate

    E. Fate Guest

    dubcnn.com: Game just sold 580,000 copies in his first week. How do you feel about his success?

    Oh man it feels great!

    dubcnn.com: Cause there are rumours of tension between you and Game. What's your relationship with him and the rest of the G-Unit?

    Yeah that doesn't make sense to me! Why would I have tension with an artist! Game is an artist on my label.

    dubcnn.com: Well I don't know, it was said that the relationship was strictly business, and ya'll didn't really get along besides that, and him and Banks ain't talkin' and shit...

    You know what. I don't know if him and Banks even have a relationship. You know what I mean? They don't communicate. Everybody that's signed to G-Unit Records, isn't gonna be like the guys I grew up with! And Game's situation particularly, he had G-Unit AND Aftermath. He may take his Aftermath direction opposed to everything that I think is lucrative for him. You know? And that causes the confusion, it makes people look at the situation as if it's different, and it is different! Because me and Dre do Game's album, when everybody else is just ultimately workin' to my standards.

    dubcnn.com: You recently signed a new West Coast artist, Spider Loc. He used to be on Death Row. How did you hook up with him?

    Yeah Spider. I met Spider for the first time at the video shoot for Shorty Wanna Ride. He came, and he rapped, and I liked his style and I said I'd get back to him, and I did when the opportunity came I had some time!

    dubcnn.com: Is his album gonna drop after Tony Yayos?

    Yeah well we're gonna work on it, and get it right. And actually, you know Game is on Aftermath for two years already. So I mean him bein' there for that long, I'm sure there was a point that the wheels startin' spinnin' and they got stuck in the mud creatively. So they brought me in and I kinda pushed him out that mud to get him movin'!

    dubcnn.com: Do you have any other artists in mind for G-Unit West?

    Ah man, I'm open, I don't care where you're from. I don't care if you from Knoxville! You can be from anywhere! Like before Young Buck, no one has had commercial success as a rapper from Tennessee, from Nashville, Tennessee.

    dubcnn.com: Would you consider signing DJ Quik as an artist or producer?

    DJ Quik?

    dubcnn.com: I know he's working with Game...

    Yeah he works with Game... but I'm not really interested in that...

    dubcnn.com: That would be some shit though, to hear you flowin' over some funky DJ Quik beats..

    Over some Quik beats huh... Yeah... It's a possibility... We might make music and make records together.

    dubcnn.com: C-Bo, Yukmouth, Messy Marv and other Bay Area artists have been heavily dissing you on songs. How come you never responded to them?

    You know what? I ain't never met these people! That's just rap shit. If I interacted with them, and we have a run-in or somethin, and they make me understand why they were sayin' somethin', then I would respond to it.

    dubcnn.com: Have you heard the songs though?

    Nah, I haven't. They don't play them on the radio!

    dubcnn.com: They're releasing a new Regime mixtape called "All Out War" right now.

    Aw man... that's they whole music man! You know what I mean? They mixtape ain't big enough for people to hear that...

    dubcnn.com: But do you listen to any Bay Area HipHop yourself?

    Yeah I try to... When I get out there I try to pick up as much material as I can so I can hear what's goin' on.

    dubcnn.com: Kurupt recently dissed you in an interview, saying you're making money off the West Coast. Did you hear about that?

    Oh yeah? Well, I am!

    dubcnn.com: You are?


    dubcnn.com: What's the status on the DPG-Unit project? What's your relationship with Daz and Snoop?

    Ah man, my relationship with Snoop couldn't be better! Me and Snoop is cool.
  3. E. Fate

    E. Fate Guest

    dubcnn.com: What about Daz?

    Me and Daz don't have much of a relationship.

    dubcnn.com: Cause you know, Daz and Spider have beef, so that would probably interfere with the DPG-Unit project?

    Oh well then there you have it! Cause I think that DPG-Unit is really just Snoop & 50. You know? So... With Daz, I don't really understand that, that's the first time I heard of that though.

    dubcnn.com: Yeah it goes back to the whole Death Row vs. Dogg Pound thing...

    Oh ok..

    dubcnn.com: Have you heard of Sly Boogy or 40 Glocc?

    40 Glocc... I'm not sure.

    dubcnn.com: Up and coming artists from the West, what about a Bad Azz and 50 Cent combo, is that possible?

    Yeah I've heard some of his stuff, a few pieces.

    dubcnn.com: So are you open to work with up and coming artists?

    Man, I'm open to work with anybody who's hungry, and they talented. If I find somethin' that is exciting enough to excite me, I'm definitely gonna do it.

    dubcnn.com: So how can new artists get their music to you?

    I'll give you a number before I get off the phone.

    dubcnn.com: Is there any truth to Lil Scrappy signing to G-Unit?

    Well we're trying to see how possible that is. Lil Scrappy has a deal right now.

    dubcnn.com: What about G-Unit Soul?

    Soul? Oh nah... We ain't developed that far yet.

    dubcnn.com: Are you worried about the timing of your album dropping right after Game's? Do you think it will interfere with Game's sales?

    Yeah that's why I pushed my album back! My album was scheduled to be released February 15th! Then I believe it would've affected his sales.

    dubcnn.com: What's the vibe of the new record? Is it very R&B influenced like the first single?

    My album? *laughs* Candy Shop is probably the lightest song on the album!

    dubcnn.com: How do you feel your music has evolved, compared to the first record?

    Oh man, I think... I think a direct relation between the two is difficult because it's so distant.

    dubcnn.com: What really made you go after Jadakiss & Fat Joe?

    What really made me go?

    dubcnn.com: Is it just the Ja Rule situation?

    Yeah they said some things they wasn't supposed to be saying...

    dubcnn.com: We're gonna be hearing that Piggy Bank song though?

    Yeah, you gonna hear it, it's on the record.

    dubcnn.com: How do you feel about Jadakiss not being allowed to respond because of Jimmy Iovine?

    THAT'S BULLSHIT! They put that shit on the internet themselves! Yeah, they makin' excuses to the fans for why they not responding!

    dubcnn.com: Is that right?

    Yeah I don't believe that shit, they tellin' them they can't fuckin' respond...

    dubcnn.com: You basically made Midi Mafia what they are. Will we see you breaking new producers?

    Yeah! It's new producers on this album, that have never produced big records before.

    dubcnn.com: Okay, cause alot of these young producers got heat!

    Hell yeah.

    dubcnn.com: Has the work on Detox started yet?

    Dre is working now, he's in the studio!

    dubcnn.com: You gonna be on there?

    If I'm gonna be on the album? Now how am I not gonna be on the Detox homie! I GOTTA be on there!

    dubcnn.com: You think it's gonna come out in 2005?

    I think so, yeah.

    dubcnn.com: What's the future for G-Unit? What's the next step after Olivia?

    Tony Yayo. Tony Yayo's is gonna come out weeks after Olivia's.

    dubcnn.com: Yeah, in an interview you said it's gonna be the best G-Unit release. Why's that?

    Oh yeah, we saved the best for last!

    dubcnn.com: Why you say that? What makes it the best?

    What makes it the best is, Tony is still raw. He's what we were before everything took off. I'm altered by my situations. You know, my experiences, and what you go through make you who you are. And so I'm different at this point. Tony is exactly what we were before he went in. He went to jail for the whole time, so he missed everything! So it's like, he's gonna be able to capture what we already made, his album, his Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. So I'm excited, and I got a chance to hear the music myself and I'm like "Damn! This shit is what's up!"

    dubcnn.com: Alright, and as a last question, what was up with that whole rumour with your hand getting cut off?

    Yeah, you know people got computers... *laughs* With too much time on they hands!

    dubcnn.com: Who comes up with shit like that though?

    Man, they sat down and tried to come up with details! Lamborghini doors on my escalade gettin' my hands cut off.. I read that shit. *laughs* Crazy!

    dubcnn.com: Aight man, I appreciate you takin' the time, do you have any last words?

    I'm straight man!

    dubcnn.com: Okay, good luck on the new record!

    Aight, peace.
  4. Prime Evil

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    Jan 25, 2005


    fucking geeks.
  5. illustrate

    illustrate watch my shoes

    Oct 29, 2000
    LMAO@he only got g unit on one song
    yet he all over all them nigg@s cds
    on everybodys singles and shit [funny]
    that boi a foo'..
  6. Elevated

    Elevated Luv N My Life

    Dec 16, 2001
    damn. mofo mentioned knoxville.
  7. THEDONN- closed

    THEDONN- closed pac and biggie rule 4eva

    Jul 27, 2004
    50 da boiiiiii
  8. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    dawg he cocky
  9. wyn 23 QB

    wyn 23 QB New Member

    Dec 8, 2003
    he came from the dirt and hes so cocky
  10. MatchGhost

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    May 24, 2003
    hate it or love it remix omg gotta be hott
  11. SmoothPimpin

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    Dec 4, 2004
    good read.......
  12. gotband4nothing

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    Aug 12, 2003
    i wish Fat Joe would shut this cunt the fuck up
  13. SmoothPimpin

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    Dec 4, 2004
    hahahaha like Fat Joe has more skills than 50 right?????? hahahahahahaha
  14. gotband4nothing

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    Aug 12, 2003
  15. Offbeat

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    Nov 2, 2001
    i agree that yayo is going to have the best album
  16. Frog

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    Jan 5, 2004
    hahahhahh ...............

    and also lol @ 50 saying people have a computer with no life. I'm only use to hearing people on the internet say that. Reading that 50 said that made it funny for some reason.
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    Aug 24, 2001

    when you're the boss, you can do that.
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