43. J.Dot vs. 44. CapitalVsPeriod

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Omen, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    VERSES DUE Wednesday 10:00pm PACIFIC/1:00am EST
    VOTES DUE Saturday 10:00am PACIFIC/1:00pm EST

    No beef votes
    No payback votes
    No 2nd Chance Votes, Once and Done

    VOTE ON 6 BATTLES!!!!!

    This week and following we will enforce this rule

    4 lines - NO SHOWS
    12 lines - MIN
    60 lines - MAX

    Fail to Post URL's all those votes will not count

    Your Topics are here

    if you win by no-show u are encouraged to vote still in other matches!!!!!

    NEW RULE: Voting On a No-show Verse does not Count as your vote, Both Competitors must show.

    Go Forth And Produce​
  2. capitalVSperiod

    capitalVSperiod yeah...i'm that nice

    May 18, 2003
    topic: Desenuts
    You are reading your favorite book for the x100th time... When all of a sudden... You find yourself sucked into the story... But not as the hero... YOU are the villain... - What do you do? (my favorite book was a comic book actually...batman)

    issue 125...return of the joker
    thought he was dead but this cat's back wilin and lokin
    rushed to get off work cause i'd been waiting on this issue
    towards the middle started feelin weird...i think i need to take a sh!t dude
    suddenly eyes heavy...sweat trickles down the brow...
    legs stiff can't move...fuck do i do now..?
    i'm thinkin...fuck did i eat..?muthafuckin mc'donalds
    shoulda known a veggie burger from the golden arches would probably be a problem
    start fearin for my life...thinkin i'm bout to cash out...
    i'm ass-out...reach for the phone as i pass out...

    i woke up distorted...but strangely feelin hyper
    in a warehouse surrounded by buff cats in white facepaint...guns and a purple viper
    with chrome green spinners...i'm thinkin the hell did i just get lost in..?
    when the hugest pair of titties i'd ever seen walked up and asked
    "what's poppin..?"
    "what'r we doin tonight...killin people or blowin shit up..?
    c'mon mr j...it's almost midnight...get up

    mr j..?what the hell..?instincts say look for a mirror
    saw one to the left...but what i saw next just made shit weirder
    face painted like the joker...green hair and the whole nine
    figure let's enjoy the shit...i gotta be sleep or high...either that or i died
    but fuck it...while i'm here...whether i'm dreamin or not
    quickly decide to take advantage of my opportunity to wreck shop
    not into the murder...i'd rather leave you alive to suffer
    hopped in the viper with my honey lookin for stupid people to fuck with
    ripped eyelids off of the homeless and fed them sleepin pills
    went to a convent and told them there was a sars breakout and everybody was ill
    ran up on goerge w. bush...tied his hands behind his back
    with nothin but a thong on of the american flag and dropped him off in iraq
    hit up music stores and took all the boyband/girlbands bullshit off the shelves
    ran up on eminem and told him "stop trying to be me and be yourself"
    broke down the false confidence of all the ugly girls thinkin they were cute cause they wore prada and moschino
    and as a practical joke i gave the source to benzino
    fixed award shows and gave ashanti a lifetime achievement award and a grammy
    last...got in a helicopter and threw buckets of shit on the houses of everyone who couldn't stand me
    just as i was about to get into some more shit...here comes that fagget as bruce wayne
    woke up out the dream on my couch...oh shit..!gotta hurry up and post my topical verse before it's too late..!

  3. J.Dot

    J.Dot From A Hot Block

    Oct 5, 2003
    youve been setup by your best friend, he said your just gonna do him this one favour drop of money and a package...you thought it was susp-icious but nah....it cant be.....when you arrive all you hear are sirens and cops runnin from every direction......whats goin through your mind, he was your boy for ya whole life.....how ya gonna pay him back!!!!!

    (Scene of the Crime)
    In a split second im being blitzkrieged by unmarked D's and Beat cops/
    Im gettin rushed and Im question if my phone was tapped or were dimes dropped/
    lying face down with weapons drawn on the gritty intercity pavement at 12:35 Saturday night/
    this aint no dream when im havin my nuts searched and being read my miranda rights/
    cars being ransacked by federal agents and uniforms looking for uncontrolled substances/
    in the back of a squad car its off to the station to be charged for drugs and shit/
    this cant be happening-I was doing my mans a favor and he the one snitchin/
    on top of the two charges Imma get hit with a third for the arrest I was resisting/
    he better pray to god I never make bail an hit the street again/
    its gonna be odd seeing him face to face for a split second til he meets his end/

    (Central Booking)
    Im in the northeast precint awaiting to be charged for my first felony/
    was it a coincidence or just hate, greed, envy, lust or jealousy/
    I was booked on possession with intent to sell/
    my downfall is spiriling fast and furious and my mans had to tell/
    its mug shots and fingerprints/
    guilty til proven innocent/
    rest my fate in the laps of a public defender against the long arm of the law/
    I got a federal indictment hangin over my shoulders and I know now who made the call/
    took every precaution not to get caught up behind them bars/
    Tellin the sergeant I want my lawyer or my 1 phone call/

    after 7 days boxed in an 8 X 10 I made bail/
    I gotta do this shit quick because in a month i'll back on trial headed back to jail/
    now im out on the streets contemptlating what move to make next/
    should I play off like im not gassed up and vexed/
    i cant get over the fact he was plottin on my demise/
    now im clean and sober and ready to react on the payback and take him by surprise/
    I have a few convos and i aint blow my cover-just playin calm and cool/
    I got my weapon picked out and the serials number have removed from this chrome tool/

    (The Payback)
    i got the mask and the gloves but no need/
    emotions are interferring and wont let me proceed/
    second guessin starts to unfold but i gotta go thru with this/
    he fucked me over and its now or never and i got the infared installed so I dont miss/
    my mans calls and say he wants to meet and catch up on my pending cases/
    im thinkin he gonna off me and my heart starts racin/
    as my hands quiver loading case by case into this magazine/
    nothing gonna stop this murder, god couldn't even intervene/
    i give em a hug and he not suspecting whats about to go down/
    i still show love so he not aware that hes about to catch a round/
    as my tempature rises he knows imma bout to end it/
    i flash fast and let off and just but the finishing touches on a beautiful friendship/
    now he's hit and cryin asking me why did I do this/
    as a tear drop came over my eyes i let off the rest of the clip/

    Here my votes
  4. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    *swings bat*
  5. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    i wasn't really that impressed with rhymes or wordplay, or story's of either verse. nothing spectacular on either part. both were alright though.

    that shit was what made capitol's verse stand out to me... dot's verse was the simple revenge theme, nothing out of the ordinary. exactly what would be typically expected of the topic, and yet the last thing i would actually expect to read...
    cap.'s verse was a bit more creative taking the batman theme with a dream, and the quoted lines were great.
    vote+cap. (barely)
  6. Judge tha Dacyple

    Judge tha Dacyple Poetic Papi Emcee Señor

    Aug 3, 2000
    yeah this wasnt the greatest battle, but decent verses none the less. I gotta go with Cap on this, as I felt he put more thought into his verse. Both schemes were average. Nothing much else to say about this battle.

    Vote - Cap
  7. SamGoodY

    SamGoodY trully inspired...

    May 23, 2002
    structure on both could've been improved, but seeing how both were on a pretty equal level it actually made it into a good battle... like pro said though, j.dot's story was too typical... nothing real original or artistically creative. it was just setup, story, payback. cap seemed to think out his verse more with humor at least, and a twist to a classic.
  8. J.Dot

    J.Dot From A Hot Block

    Oct 5, 2003
    good verse cap. you prolly got this one in the bag.
  9. ..::Peepers::..

    ..::Peepers::.. New Member

    Jan 25, 2002
    i think j dot got this on his writing, well more like cap's bad writing.....cap's word choice and just the way he spoke was really wack, real newbish, it really hurt the story
    jdot's made more sense and went along smoothely, thouh his bars were real long with weak flow

    tough call

    vote - jdot
  10. capitalVSperiod

    capitalVSperiod yeah...i'm that nice

    May 18, 2003
    i was trying to re-create the simple/melodramatic words used in the actual comic book...but thanks for your vote anyway...thanks to all who voted.

    good battle j...and thanks for showin.

  11. capitalVSperiod

    capitalVSperiod yeah...i'm that nice

    May 18, 2003
    YO OMEN..!i couldn't find any battles to vote on...wtf..?all the threads i saw were closed due to no shows...or else someone went over a limit or some shit...i voted on the one that was open though...i can't get dq'd for not having six votes if there aren't six battles to vote on right..?

    anyway...here's the battle i voted on...link

  12. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    cap u won
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