29. mandarin 1-1 VS 30. nast-e 1-1

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  1. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003


    VERSES DUE Thursday 10:00pm PACIFIC/1:00am EST

    VOTES DUE Sunday 10:00am PACIFIC/1:00pm EST



    4 lines - NO SHOWS
    14 lines - MINIMUM
    60 lines - MAXIMUM



    No payback votes
    No 2nd Chance Votes
    No hate votes



    If you can show me you can vote of 5 or more matches this first couple of
    weeks I will make it so you dont have to post links to the matches u voted on.
    But for now...
    For every vote you fail to submit and post a link for in your own
    match, you will be deducted 1 vote.


    if you win by no-show u are encouraged to vote still in other matches!!!!





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  2. Nast-E


    Dec 26, 2004
  3. Mandarin 2.0

    Mandarin 2.0 New Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    This is part of the price we pay, I guess, for living in paradise.

    Jeb Bush

    how does the soul get ready for the end of a life
    he found the truth cuts sharp like the end of a knife
    like the bend of the light that a prism refracts
    the dying man bends his will to the prison attacks
    he's beat hard, head pounding just like this hard beat
    but he knows the end will come, death is never tardy
    he was put in this place cause he put in his place
    a rook shook in his race when told to look at the grace
    of the Savior saving men, next came a foot in the face
    then a sentence of death, but he's not shook or disgraced
    he knows he was born into a world that is wicked and
    the wicked in this world called his number (punched his ticket)
    he's a down payment claimant in a land far farther
    from the prison where your life and your death hard barter
    when his name's called to march out to the yard bodies litter
    he cries with joy not with fear, cause his God will deliver
    man ready to die, stepping steady
    weapons heavy but he's looking to home
    he's suffered much, utter clutch
    now he's soaring above
    yeah he's soaring above
    they marched him out to the yard, sized his neck
    he hadn't eaten for weeks, none obliged to check
    and now he's done, falls to his knees as he's commanded
    and he's ready for all this pain and this hurt to be supplanted
    he's not the first, see he saw his wife die kids die father die
    mother die all in the name of the most High
    most turned from confession when the death toll rose
    the family prayed together, it was a death all chose
    the authorities assuring these people they were forming these
    convictions out of motives to help, but none came
    while the village all watched, the family was slain
    they left this man alive, to testify to the pain
    but his trust was true, he saw the blood as gain
    he knew faith lived out is like a flood to stain
    washing over the sins all of humanity bears
    and now truth comes to die while insanity stares
    the death sentence pronounced, man can't even hear a thing
    he's hearing sing-song voices praising God who reigns
    slow motion lifts his head to behold the heavens
    and sees a ball of light growing, like dough that leavens
    this is the end this is the end of the road
    man bore a heavy burden, carried a heavy load
    he sees saints he read about in the Bible
    apostles who were murdered as they made a disciple
    he sees those who stood strong while the swords swung
    he sees those who dangled long from the cords hung
    he sees those who met their end at the lion's teeth
    he sees those who'd rather die than speak lying speak
    finally, as the gun shot kicks hot into his temple
    he sees the living Christ he'd begun to resemble
    and then he's soaring high to the face of mercy
    heaven his true home cause this one wasn't worthy
  4. Gummo

    Gummo New Member

    Jul 22, 2002
    mandarin WINS 2-1

    nast-e NO SHOW
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