23. J-Nyce 6-3 vs. 24. M.H. 5-2

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by U S E R, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    RBL Verses Due: Thursday's:12 (Midnight-Eastern Time)
    RBL Voting Due: Sunday's:11.P.M (PM-Eastern Time)

    -Each battler is allowed to up their threads TWICE in a match.
    before the battler(s) is penalized -1 vote for each up after the
    entitled amount. Upping: (vote count,discussing votes,or just
    replying period)

    -You MUST vote on 6 battles EACH week & EDIT the vote links
    in your "check in" posts. Failure to vote on ALL 6 will result in a
    deduction of votes for the links you're missing. Meaning.. you
    drop 4 links, you LOSE 2 votes automatically.

    -No: Dickriding/ Favortism/ Crew/ Hate/ Unexplained Votes!!

    -RBL "Under 300 Posts" List: If an opponent has LESS than 300
    posts, check this list to see if his RBL name is on there. If not
    contact a mod, immediately.

    -Mininum Lines: 4 (2 Couplets)/ Max. Lines: 30 (15 Couplets)!
    Also, battlers MUST agree on the amount of lines to be written
    for each verse. If not, whoever drops first determines the MAX
    line amount. For example, If I drop 16 first, without agreeing
    my opponent cannot go MORE than 16 lines.

    -NO EDITING!!!! If your opponent comes and tell us you edited a
    verse, EVEN if it's only a fucking word or phrase, you're done &
    will be given an AUTOMATIC disqualifcation.

    -Late verses will result in an AUTOMATIC disqualification, don't
    even care if it's 5 minutes late. Even if s mod late with closing
    the no shows, the deadline will still be enforced. Yes, there are
    extensions..but you will be deducted 3 votes for recieiving one.

    -if you bitch about votes, youre docked 20, so don't fuckin sway

    -Closed battles are finalized. Unless the mod made a mistake in
    closing your thread, any problem regarding the battle AFTER it
    has been closed..you will have to deal with it. But../If the mod
    just messed up something, then it's cool for it to be changed.


    -The Rapmusic Battle League
  2. im in..

    doin 12.
  3. M.H.

    M.H. New Member

    Sep 21, 2003
    in. 12 good with me.
  4. j's too ill to lose, and there's no chance that m.h. is winnin..
    cuz i stay a key ahead of you, like drug dealers in competitions..
    im like jordan with the rock, the way im shakin this man..
    so fuck winnin this by a hair.. i'm leavin with braids in my hand..
    just give me the win.. cuz this kid is stupid to fight..
    how's he gone throw punches, when he can't hit puberty right..
    this whole battle is done, just watch his caps gettin' peelt..
    cuz all his punches are plaid, just like sweaters n quilts..
    he's knowin this shit's done, there's no reason to sway..
    when this battle is curtains, just like the end of a play..
    fuck it.. he's 5 and 2, add a loss when i rip him mean..
    cuz ''number 3'' is his only option like the sixers team..

    quick key..

    dunno if he'll show.
  5. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    J-Nyce Wins
    M.H. NO Show
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