2013 G R B FINALS: MC Propaganda vs. Punches vs. Illy vs. Duane Jackson vs. Pace

Discussion in 'GRB - '13 Grand Royal Audio Battle' started by J o o k, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Win your battles before they’ve even been fought.

    Mar 1, 1999
    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2013 Rules - Finals

    $1,800.00 up for grab!

    - Final Round Audios are DUE Monday night October 7th at 11:59 pm PST.
    - Theme: No time limits - must be about your opponent(s).
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s).
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - Voters must use numerical order in their votes or it won't count, for example: (1.Pace 2. Duane 3. Illy 4.Punches 5. Prop)
    - Aiming for votes or voting rings will not be tolerated. If my team catches wind of such you will be DQ'd without question.


    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact me immediately via PM or Email -Yelp001@gmail.com
    Polls will be edited in mid-week (as they are only allowed to be open for seven days due to board settings).
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  2. Pace Beats

    Pace Beats Doesn't Feed The Trolls

    Aug 14, 2004
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  3. Duane Jackson

    Duane Jackson Active Member

    Nov 16, 2012

    Been fun to jump in a tournament here again

    I respect everyone doing what I love doing despite all the side bullshit, good luck

    PS: God willing I will be in Virginia the 30th, bring a video camera, RM is going viral
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  4. iLLy

    iLLy will fuck you up.

    Nov 7, 2005

    Duane jackson...for you to win, better start landing them bars
    cause i handle whatever you toss im like adrians peterson
    but you keep rambling on, thinking you winning this forget it
    put a sock in it, likes it mandiable claw

    I know your faggot, theres proof that your a cock gobbler
    your love for sucking balls never ends like a gobstopper
    i know your moles made the patriots, its replacing vince
    cause they heard the mole was the greatest of all cock


    i know you got more bread then me
    cause your moles pays 1400 a month rent to your forehead
    so thats mole is labled as a sole owner
    i tip toe closer and rip it off, and call it forecloser

    your a black guy, with whites personality
    who likes word analogies to types of nerd faggotrys
    your looking urkle proper acting like you lame dyke
    im here to prove that dj's white, just take a look at the
    bulls roster

    look partna, your better off climbing the list
    your musics sponsers by buick cause nobody will ride to that

    let ms.cleo, a fortune teller, a palm reader just listen
    and still nobody would give in and want to come vibe to your


    Pace BEATS...theres nothing i can support for
    i checked your soundclick, and found everything i can ignore

    your so boring im snoring through all your masterpieces
    i haven't seen so many dead beats, since divorce court

    i'lll slap pace now hes sitting down in a sad place
    its amazing as hell that he thinking it he can pass straight
    but this fag waits while hes taking his L, and put it between

    the Letter P and A, and change his name into THE LAST PLACE

    Pace knows there no anwsers, but the problem is
    he smoke faster so now his esophugus developes throat cancer,
    theres no laughter, but no ones loving this kid
    cause even his mother approved, like she was fucking with kiks

    your flow is off beat, when the beat is off
    only time you flow is on beat, is when your beat is on
    cause that shit sounds like a 5 year old with a xyolophone
    with a feature of a 9 year old playing the freaking drums

    words is true your from canada, and its worthless to cause

    your healthcare, won't help here when i murder you
    So watch me clown down often
    i got bars after bars, like downtown boston


    I believe In a second i beat this dweed in a session
    of repeateding beating his face until it seems its respected
    but this pathetic ugly fuck, is a bum nigga
    if looks can kill, then i pray to god that you see your


    heres a lesson that i find scary
    MC is a sQuare, defined by einsteins theory
    but i find you as a fag rapper, with no rapping skills
    and an actual built of a rabbit, looking like mad hatter

    i often destroy niggas, yeah im repping boston
    im monster in this rap game, while your just steady popping
    your not born for this right, rapmusic is your life
    and you'll only be known for the boards, so ima call you

    dennis rodman


    What up punches

    Yeah last battle that we had we tied
    yeah i voted for myself and just had to try
    but the fact that this faggot actually called me and said

    sorry no personals, i was like lets just rap with pride

    cause in the end we friends nigga we don't have to lie
    we spit generic lines, and were hoping we just had to tie
    but you voted for me too, look at you, you wanted me to

    advance too cause you knew you would have to right

    cause i live in the same city, im talking in a zip code
    watch me parked up in my benzo, outside of your house
    your scared of me, i dare you to step to me mother fucker

    cause ill throw more haymakers then a farmer with a pitch fork

    and ya ex girl natalie is dope nigga
    yeah if you like face figure of a horse nigga
    her fron't teeth are ugly as fuck, i aint hate playa
    she prolly get excited about my line of the haymaker

    cause horses eat hay, ofcourse he ain't gay, hes had natalie
    but maybe when he fucked her, he thought it was beastiality
    matthew thats disgusting, but you know that you loved her
    WATCH me lay down matt, like yoga constructers
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  5. MC propaganda

    MC propaganda Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2002
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  6. Punches

    Punches a.k.a UH OH

    Oct 21, 2005
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2013
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  7. Sin Skywalker

    Sin Skywalker #184 Gladiator.

    Dec 8, 1999

    @J o o k @g.t. @Ayem @Bad Dude @Nimrod @double ML @Craig Ehlo @GarciaVega @Kraylen @xMetasiNx @BlackJesus @windtalka @Nahmed @Sage @iLLy @enef @niboswald @xddrx @Walt Dissme @Noodles @Bonnie B @DZK @Hitman J @KooL La!d @Killa B Kilt @Past-one @RMCJoey @Eric Sanchez @SiegeSupreme @SpoonFull @its papi @DefKnotEmo @Pace Beats @Alberto Aziz Montgomery @Webz_Creationz @buzzooka JOE @Con.Found.Dead @Duane Jackson @warbux @TraGiC @Punches @SpyderMurphy10 @Reflexx @Taiyamo Denku @Blackanese @MC propaganda @ENGengENG @Triasis @Syko Solja @IvoryTheFam @Jack McCrack @The_K3 @Ribo Nuke @Free Lynx @SHITTY Bang Bang @PicholasNaugam @Huey Fig Newton @Mr. Xavier @maria.how @L u c y @Newportz

    Please give your votes in an ordered 1-5 format as follows and try and drop some type of explanation / break-down. Voting ends SUNDAY October 13th at 11:59 PM PST. Appreciate it & GOOD LUCK to all the finalists.

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  8. SiegeSupreme

    SiegeSupreme Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2012
    Two listens in each and as of now I'm going

    1. Punches
    2. Prop
    3. DJ
    4. Pace
    5. Illy

    Punches - I thought this verse was dope. Beat choice was "meh" to me but you had a lot of quotables. I think what put you just a hair above Prop imo is your versatility. You didn't stick to one style in your track. Wordplay, nameflips, humor, etc, you just meshed it all together really well and I like when a track can incorporate "bars" with comedy. No part of your verse stood out in a sense that you came at one opponent much harder than anyone else, which I sort of expected considering the history between you & iLLy. Just a well-rounded and well-crafted verse overall. Props.

    MC Propaganda - Very dope verse. I mean extremely dope. Didn't really catch the Engineer comparisons until this round. It really worked well. Your verse, beat choices, etc. You even have a good voice for rapping which is always a plus. I was actually torn between you and Punches and can see you getting some first place votes. Honestly, there's nothing really bad I have to say about your verse, which is why I feel bad having you second. I think at the end of the day, I preferred a more versatile track than the punchline-heavy style you bring. Matter of personal preference.

    Duane Jackson - Honestly, I think this format just isn't for you. Having to write for multiple opponents for me showed where you lack as a battle artist. I know people have given you shit about your lack of punchlines before, but in your 1v1 battles it worked. Good personals can compensate for punchlines when executed correctly. However here to win, you would've had to have gotten personals with four separate opponents, doing research on them and digging up shit that hit home. It's tough. I understand that punchlines aren't your style but imo they really would've helped you here. To me it felt like you were just rambling at times. Your beat choice and rapping abilitiy/voice are all good, so no matter what you do it "sounds" dope, but you just didn't go for the throat like you needed to here. Solid audio though.

    Pace - Wasn't really feeling the beat choice, but you made it work tbh so I can't fault you too much there. Your verse was solid honestly, but that was it. Just solid. Nothing stood out to me, and not in the way that Punches did it. Nothing made me jump out of my seat, laugh, scrunch up my face, none of that. It was just a "good" verse. At the end of the day, that's not what wins.You have to come with bars that stand out and make listeners go crazy. You didn't really execute to me. Next time go for the throat.

    Illy - Just wasn't feeling this overall tbh. Flow was iffy to me, beat choice was just ok. Bars weren't really hard hitting. Nothing much to say here. Clearly outshined/outclassed by the other 4. Thought a lot of the lines were played out or just lame. Wasn't feeling your shit at all this round tbh, which is ashame because I liked some of your past verses.

    Vote/ Punches
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  9. g.t.

    g.t. RM Radio Host

    Jul 29, 2008
    I've listened to this twice each guy.

    Pace: Coming out with that old school jazz beat? lol the fuck. You flowed smooth and laid back on it nicely. Damn, these beats are really not fit for a battle. Your vocals stood up cleanly though. Punchlines didn't hit too hard for me this time Pace. You sort of went personal though. You came hardest at duane with personals.....then prop with punchlines, and down the line almost as if you started out with more energy to write and then died down a lil' bit. lol beaker of acid before you make tracks. pancakes/ihop. I think mebbe your wittiest punchlines were vs. prop.

    I think your downfall to not winning this will be as follows: your flow was monotonous, in that you didn't change it up at all.....not that you weren't tight with the flow you were using though. And in that, you sort of lost the listener at times. Think about when dzk had like 20k followers but he was dissing ppl nobody ever heard of before. That's because he had a heightened level of entertainment with his disses. That's where you need to pick it up a bit.

    duane: Your opening bar was a long assed run on sentence. When you rap, you sound legit pissed off at the dudes you're battling against. 1st part was sloppy, flow wise. second beat you tightened it back up. hmm. pastor line was aight. local as fuck line was nice. came at him for being avg, lol. punches got a colic. painting him like dennis the menace. marco polo line was funny. cuz I played it. tbh. meh on the switch hit line.

    your acapella saved the monotony. dick is a thumb drive. lol. the acapella saved ya from being like 4th, to me. I was going to have trouble now between picking third and fourth because you were really just rambling at times, but the acapella lifted you up just a bit and saved some face.

    illy.......you either have a cold, or are too close to the mic and coming off to nasally. your multis were poppin in the opener. I liked your flow all except for your very last part, it seemed like you were fallin off beat there man. right around the zip code part. and the horse part. I think your downfall here illy was that you didn't provide a lotta content. your verses for each opponent weren't long enough to really give you a chance to go in much. did ya run low on time? I mean, some of your lines were actually dope, but it just wasn't enough despite some of them being better than the other guys. I hope you return and pay some more homage to your craft by ironing out the kinks.

    prop.......ahaha @ the radio show opener. Strong work there. I liked the beat choice for the opener. Damn, soundin mean as fuck. lame ways/eight grade.....damn. multis/punches e'rrthang. aha enjoy the way I can kill a faggot...(stylin), thriller jacket.

    see, this is how the finals is s'posed to be done. the hangover scheme was dope. license to ill line. kimbo line was nice. I like the way you interchangeably went at the guys insteadda one by one. makes it more enjoyable. dj inside a soap opera...(coming at the board drama)........

    I think you brought everything here, prop. style, flow, bars, and emotion.

    scorpions pull line was gay though.

    punches......pACE Lines weren't that clever man. u r better than that. Americas hat was cool though, and the breaks line. ahahaha @ the Chinese food mall and the fifth place lines saved it though. more comin @ duance for board drama. lol duane you need to learn the art of war dude, you beat yourself in large part. I digress.

    the beat vs. illy is tight. rock paper scissors. heh, Trojans. boring state/illy noise line was a tight lyric.

    ohhh fuck....@ the next pic scheme. flipped that on him. ahaha. clowning conspiracy theorists. I hate conspiracy theorists too. tbh

    your second half went hard punches. had you been more consistent like the few dope schemes you had, you might had 1st.

    overall, this finals was missing some skit type shit, or some acrobatic dramatics. you guys put in that work though, I respected all of your verses enough to really sit down and mull this over a bunch. I considered sound quality, beat selection, listenability, entertainment, bars, emotion/mean, schemes, wit and cleverness, flow and delivery.

    with that, I had it like this:

    1. prop (and I thought it was a pretty clear win, to be quite honest)
    2. punches (you could stand to sound meaner for a battler, and also keep your obv. talent for writing more consistent --> are both ways you could improve)
    3. duane Jackson (I think pace beat you most of the way through, until the acapella which saved you a bit because you lacked a bit of creativity before hand. your delivery was pissed off, I liked that)
    4. pace (delivery was just a bit flat/monotonous for a battle.......not flat in general though, just for a battle. I liked your content and you're smooth on a beat, but a little more emotion and a few more schemes were needed).
    5. illy (I don't know what to say man - you had glimmers of hope and all, but the other guys out worked you straight up.)
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  10. its papi

    its papi inellek my middle name

    Jun 8, 2010
    1. Punches
    2. illy
    3. Prop
    4. Pace
    5. DJ

    Punches had the best punches overall, pace did better then his other battles but still wasnt good enough for the finals, funny enough DJ came wacker then he has all tournament. Prop also seemed to hit a little bit of a wall this round to, felt he did better previously. Illy also had a lot of dope lines, think punches was helping homie out tbh :funny:
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  11. Newportz

    Newportz Bang Bang

    Feb 27, 1999
    3.) Pace
    4.) Duane Jackson
    5.) Illy

    I'm leaning toward Punches on first listen..I'll listen to both verses a few more times, edit in 1st and 2nd and have a little breakdown...none of the other 3 verses impressed me.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
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  12. Free Lynx

    Free Lynx ®m legend Peter Parker

    Apr 30, 1999
    2.) Prop
    3.) Dj
    4.) Pace
    5.) Illy

    After 're listening, i change my vote

    I didnt want to but jook paid me smh
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013
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  13. enef

    enef voting against DZK in every round.

    Aug 2, 1999
    ill check this out and vote and edit this post.
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  14. L u c y

    L u c y (Administrator) SWERVE

    Mar 28, 2009
    1) Prop (no question) this sounded exactly like a battle track should sound
    2) DJ - loved the acapella part & the whole tone of your verse
    3)Punches - really great punchlines but your lack of 'aggression' put me off quite a bit (that was the only thing that put DJ above you imo)
    4)/5)Pace/Illy - you both are obviously skilled rappers but (for me anyways) lack that fire, that extra spark that adds to a battle round

    (4th Pace - 5th Illy for the sake of the scores)

    great finals - you all honestly deserved your spot
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  15. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004
    This was actually a lot easier to vote for than I expected. I feel like there was obvious distance between every battler.

    1) Punches
    2) MC Prop
    3) Duane Jackson
    4) Pace
    5) Illy
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  16. SpoonFull

    SpoonFull Lovely

    May 1, 2004
    1. Punches
    2. Prop
    3. Pace
    4. DL
    5. Illy
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  17. Sin Skywalker

    Sin Skywalker #184 Gladiator.

    Dec 8, 1999
    1. @MC propaganda - @J o o k on that intro. Right in the door the production / sound quality is better then everybody else's. Flow & rhyme schemes is fucking insane man. GOT damn. Aggressive as shit but not to the point you yelling or the audio isn't dope to listen to. Top of the bottom of who is top tier. Shuttin' down react more then Japanese. That scheme after thrilla jack. Holy shit man. Cold blooded. Show the world how he made a bitch. Hangover line. Tossin' Jackson. Punches twin bitch slaps. :funny: So far this is the only track I gotta keep on pausing and going back to actually CATCH punchlines. Meaning more clever / well thought out one's that had me like "That shit was hard I gotta listen to that again". Punches / Lil Mac punchout line and that sound effect was dope. DJ Soap Opera / Pauly D. Punches slow Math Hoffa. Get over here. I think you might be the most well adapted to today's style of battling with them relevant lines that really connect and the way you string the shit together... your writing is NUTS. So far the only track I'll probably listen back to again and again. THIS is how a GRB Finals verse is SUPPOSED to be done.

    2. @Punches - Flow is pretty nice. Audio quality is dope and makes it really listenable. New blood transfusion. Bird chest baby face baby arms baby legs. :funny: Doug Funny. Soft as paper / body made of origami. Wouldn't kick it 4th and long. Samples food at the mall. The whole DJ goonie angle how you did it was dope. Like he was hyping up on some B Rabbit shit. :funny: Pretend to be 70 identities was dope. Reality will be your hardest yet. This next beat is hard. Back for two seconds right punches like sonic boom was dope (assuming that's the actual cold for sonic boom cause I forget, Lol.) Shout out to your shout out to me. Talked to Sin like a deal with the Devil. :funny: You guys both took shots at eachother's girlfriends or ex-girlfriends. Haha. So you got him on that personal shit to. Illy noise Illinois line. To me there's only two tracks here that sound polished enough and really SOUND like they finals verses. Your's and Prop's. You guys are in a whole different class from the bottom 3. And it was pretty close but I think Prop edged it by a decent margin on that nasty ass flow and slightly more aggressive delivery he got. You had alot of punches and lines that were hitting but I think he might have even got you in that area by a LITTLE bit.

    3. @Duane Jackson - Flow is dope as usual. Voice is made for this raps shit. Kinda average fat jokes. A few dope schemes so far. Lines are dope as far as writing and stylistically but not really any well thought out punchlines. Alot of random / generic disses. Some personal shit if the drug use shit is true but I dunno about that. Lol @ guarantee your pastor might. :funny: International to local as fuck line cool. Thinking about the things you trying to be. Stole eng's flow. I like this section of ya track the best so far. The beat helped to how you spit to it was ill. Punches but you are the grab and hug type was aiight. Lol @ white kriss kross. A capella was cool. You got alot of "I bet..." lines. Just noticed that. Not saying it's a bad thing. Shots fired @ Contra though? SMH. This shit was cool but it's like you said, you didn't put 100% into it and you could tell. Should'a went all out. You definitely a dope rapper though.

    4. @Pace Beats - Shots @ DJ aliases. Should'a just did that once. Cool the first time. Flow is dope as fuck though. Real laid back delivery. This is a battle. Should have been more aggressive. Again, the flow is dope and how you write is nice. I wasn't hearing alot of punchlines that were hitting hard. The eng's clone shit was cool. Lol @ doing illy's hair and nails. :funny: You was going at people who weren't even in the tournament. Punches ambidextrous shit was cool. I dunno if it's ya beat selection or how laid back that delivery is this shit was putting me to sleep at times though. Being 100. Decent verse. Nothing really stood out to me though. Didn't seem like a hungry FINALS verse.

    5. @iLLy - First off I notice this under 4 minutes and you got a 20 second intro. Dunno how much you can pack into that time period against 4 people. Seems real laid back and not aggressive at all for some reason. Calling Pace boring. The flows pretty cool. No lines really hitting though. Bars after bars like downtown Boston was cool. Only known for boards Dennis Rodman line was good. Sound more aggressive when you started going towards Punches. Why didn't you spit like that the whole time? Probably would'a placed higher. Shots fired at his ex girl man. Personals. Last verse was dope but the rest of the audio wasn't very good in my opinion. Far as a battle / diss track anyways.
  18. DefKnotEmo

    DefKnotEmo G.R.G.

    Dec 23, 2012
    1. Prop
    3.Duane Jackson
    4. Illy
    5. Pace
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  19. KooL La!d

    KooL La!d iRock Cafe

    Aug 6, 2003

    Serious Jones...
    sense in clothes...
    taking dough/his yet...

    Duane Jackson...

    new mcdonalds items...
    Pastor might...
    sims subscription...
    average as/battle you done...


    Dwayne wade (Jesus...)
    react tours...
    jackson up/thriller jacket...
    Math Hoffa...


    Baby Face/baby arms and legs...



    1) Prop
    2) Punches
    3) Duane Jackson
    4) Pace
    5) iLLy

    Prop... dope ass verse... I was listening to it thinking, "now this is how a finals GRB is supposed to sound", you killed it. Cool ass track overall from your energy and aggression, to your material and how it was worded. This was stunning, man. Even if you don't take this GRB - looks like Punches may win - you'll have certainly made a imprint in it for this being your first go.

    Punches... I can picture DZK and Bux in awe at how much you've improved since your last GRB finals. A lot less generic, and more fiercer than ever. Your material wasn't anything like I've heard you in the earlier rounds which says to me you put a shit load of effort into making this count. You didn't come with a lot of quotables that I can hear, but all the same your material was top notch. You came with that nice flow and charisma, with the material to match, and I salute you.

    Duane Jackson... this was pretty good, man. You've definitely come a long way from your finals on RB, your battle with Point Game, and your loss to Radius. However, I do think your style could use more switch ups, because the material itself has shit loads of potential. It's just that your rhyme scheme predictability/structure is making it hard to see this as diverse in any light. Substance wise, you pack a lot of hit. I dig the flow, it's incredible. Your punches/jokes were a little meh, some average type of hits with a few stingers in between. Overall, it's right around what I expected from you for your finals.... wasn't much of a jump from your earlier rounds.

    Pace... impressed to say the least. I think your delivery and style is pretty cool and will get you a long way in future battle tourneys. You had a nice array of disses and material and I gladly enjoyed the first part of your verse against Dwayne - it was where you hit the hardest. Around the prop part I felt was slacking a bit. I dunno, it wasn't up to par to anything I've heard from you in earlier battles - with the exception of your Free Lynx verse, but then you pick it up a bit again when you reach the iLLy/Punches part... still nothing that wows me here. Overall, it's a good worthy finals verse. Just slacking a little in some regard.

    iLLy... no hate, but you sounded hella unpolished this time around. You're a dope ass cat, but it doesn't sound like you put a whole lot of effort into these tracks. Less than 4 minutes considering your competition speaks volumes and you had a lot of lackluster punches/personals you were dishing. This type of effort would work against a more low-tier (round 1, round 2) type cat, but you're in the finals, iLLy. So yeah, the flow was great.... but everything else could use improvement... wasn't impressed.

    Hopefully this explains why I placed you guys the way I did. (the prop/punches exp. may be a bit ambiguous; it really was one of those things where it's like it could've went either way...)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013
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  20. Blackanese

    Blackanese BlackaneseCantRap.com

    Jun 21, 2000
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