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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    No longer am I afraid, I’m cloaked in it;
    fact is I boast with it, what set me free-
    was truth- dig it
    the wicked is pathetic
    no freedom they wretched,
    and haters die without free will-
    so this they respect
    justified suicides that collide
    with spiritual ties like-genocide
    now blood spills and innocents dies,
    by rough ways that predict end of days…
    makes my eyes wonder like Stevie,
    will the world ever see or view freely
    not people blinded with devilish mentalities
    I need the world to cry sovereignty
    please free your mind, don’t live by putrid lies,
    I could never live just to just die
    my intellect's too righteously fly
    for that docility society of do or die
    watch how truth hits you square in the eye,
    truth is, I’m cloaked in choice
    see how I boast with openness –
    I’m no longer afraid this…..
  2. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    so most us
    know conformity,
    not I...,
    the difference between
    you and I
    I think outside
    the Honda accord ride,
    lead by false prophets in disguise,
    please stop it,
    with your holocaustic-
    type systematic views-
    I flow automatic truth,
    I’m pro with it,
    blessed and gifted-
    you death with it
    dead in the hood
    when spotted
    I’m so up lifting
    when I spit it,
    I’m sending
    out mass shots-
    center mass shots-
    I’m trying to make
    your hearts drop,
    my flow adrenaline
    flowing through
    your nerve endings
    i'm trying to make
    your hearts pop
    I’m soldier with it,
    smooth with it,
    cap fitted, tilted
    towards the jackpot
    you can label me a crack pot,
    bitch you must be on the crack rock
    I never deviate from my plot
    that's the difference between you and I...\/
  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Gametime Haters...(C)

    I spark the flame to the beat without any fears,
    I flow disorder over any marauder’s clout
    You may be a prowler but I’m a raider looting your house
    Retired assassin; I know your routs,
    so give me your doubts with this liquor and a couple of stouts;
    you know, buffy the body type bitches;
    you hear that song in the background (they back stabbers)
    The KWAY-loodz them hoes slipped you got you knifed;
    you in the saw house where judgment day,
    begins the beheading of fools,
    I tried to forewarn you,
    with frowns, and broken brows,
    I even stared you down,
    but you mistook me as clown,
    So I smiled,and you mistook me as a pal
    must have been my body guards
    with their breast all out-you entered the dragon…
    where all hell broke out; you screaming loud...
    with severed tendons; you bleeding out...
    it’s nothing to me nigga…. I sensed your doubts,
    you pussy-- so die slow in your ending.
  4. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    I possess-the-knowledge, to spit rain and stretch-a-solid...
    combinations of a fine~creation, kinda pressed-to-solve-it...
    extra~polish for the nine-to-five, while im-alive...
    tryna-hide, wicked feelings cause im zombified...
    on my-demise, try to understand, I never promised...
    the next day, is guaranteed unto, the other-man...
    shame on the industry, for the guilt-and-the-blame...
    milkin-the-pain, that I've built-in-my-brain...
    not here for fame and fortune, glamor-and-glits...
    I climb from the bottom, and give u the upper hand-if-u-wish...
    build a dynasty from scratch, wit a pot,-pan-and-a-dish...
    flop-land-in-a-ditch, if u try-dismantling-this...
    Adidas fanatic I stay with Stan-Smiths...
    ya motto is “and-if”, I can shift gears with a jammed-stick...
    and slam~kids my mind’s gotta-be-sordid...
    f*** a 2 to 2 ratio, ill blow ya mind state outta-proportion...
    worse than chattin wit ya mom-on-the-cordless...
    fillin ya head wit thoughts, that she was high and forgot-the-abortion...
    that’s messed-up-right?, that’s messed-up-right?...
    read the last sentence stupid, I just f’d-up-twice...
    ridiculous my train of thought’s, too heavy to ride-a-track...
    u ever wanna shoulder this pressure, then ice-ya-back...
    throw em in tub of gasoline then I'll strike-the-match...
    make em drown in a fire-bath, without the slightest-splash...
    I think rappers should jump off a cliff, for writing-trash...
    cock-it-back and hit his tee, like I'm Tiger……that’s...
    where I'ma leave it, for now and the time-being...
    I'll spit u a dream without-sleepin………..
  5. ST_UC

    ST_UC Please Try Me

    Dec 5, 2000
    yo check this shit out, i didnt haveta peep the rules
    cuz i know the cypher like i know u have to read in school
    i casually be cool, i dont ever stress about it
    if i see a pile of shit, guess what? i step around it
    and when i step around it, im lookin def about it
    skys the limits how im smokin and my head is clouded
    passed a bitch in the whip, she liked how the engine sounded
    i get surrounded by the hoes when im feelin horny
    aint likin how that pussy taste, can u eat it for me?
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    It’z not even on the stupidity that I read
    it’s the immaturity of an aborted breed
    that got me shaking my head; simultaneously
    I’m asking God to help my enemy’s succed
    for they know not what they do, I blame they parents
    racist bastards procreated a hater,
    do you even know of truth?
    Hold up….
    And yet they see their rhyming as truth
    so haters take heed I’m not to be fuck with,
    the smith and Wesson is freed- so duck quick
    I got the steed like that old spice dude, and yeah---
    you laugh, but there’s nothing funny about me bitch
    you peeped how long I been here representing the cyhper realm
    I’m a thorough breed 70’s baby, no crack in me, but I’n know your daddy
    He bought crack from me, see niggaz I’m the realest, last of a dying breed…
  7. Konflikt

    Konflikt ●○●○●○●○●○●

    May 2, 2000
    cypherin babble,
    god damn these mufuckin kids are fragile
    smashed n rattled
    against the wall n they shatter n dismantle
    like empty stacks a snapples
    i'm sturdy like fire mantles,
    an unmoveable object in a friendly battles
    while the rest of these styles a
    finite like a burnin candle,
    the game is topics
    but these kids are coming microscopic
    lying in their rhymes with rockets
    like Bono claimin to be philanthropic
    we stay building objects,
    makin no sense like the Flint Tropics
  8. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Radioactive that’s me,
    and he’s the flee on my dick
    I’m so dogmatic with it,
    and the automatic rips like pits
    I go lock jaw on a snitch,
    but I’m steel, and I stay flexible like Mr. Fantastic
    I stay 1 up on all these haters -for real-
    they try to flex drastic; It’s a hazard bastard
    to run up on the set of a razor,
    I stay sharp for them haters;
    I’m highly flammable,
    with combustible flows
    so hazardous to your health;
    you’ll breath plasma to death
    these cowards weak minded;
    I got the text that tech-nine em',
    and blinds em', I trix-em' for ransom
    with sublime similes, that keep em' guessing...
    I stay grinding fools minds with tongue blistering,
    throat swelling deliveries;
    so haters you can hate 6ftground
    this is why I bust one last round
    so I can hear that gargling blood sound….........\/
  9. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    I ain’t here to just repeat, that im the illest on the beat…
    But im here for NJ, I represent, I represent…
    Heaven sent, every time that I divvy out a poem…
    Im gifted, spit explicit, im sick without a throne…
    Too many people envy, their bids for malice show…
    Tryna play me man to man, so they can get me out my zone…
    They can’t get him, cause when it comes to spittin im a pro…
    Dudes gettin ridiculous, wit this jibberish, I know…(haha)
    Rappers prayin for sympathy, I simply answer no…
    I quickly answer those, The God MC never showin…
    Hesitation, im stickin to the code….
    Rippin out the souls, of these filthy animals…
    Ya gimmick is a hindrance, im speaking as a whole…
    Ya lyrics aren’t sickenin, ha, I think u gotta cold…
    Young cousin is buggin, if he think that I would fold…
    Man ill whip that boy’s head, like im Indiana Jones!!!
    I flip the manner closer, to a civil plane of thought…
    I spit insane remarks, just to get the faintest spark…
    Turning me into a being, where I spit a razor sword…
    And silver bases roar, through my nickel plated pores…
    if I kept lacing my rhymeschemes, wit vivid pain and gore…
    then that would keep the people craving more…
    its no different than the junkie in the alleyway, that didn’t take the raw…
    both minds are confined, to the prisons they endure…

    I spit it real on the regular tip, incredible wit and intelligent ish…
    never be mentioned again, on the same, level as this…
    u took a life, now u stewin in jail…
    that wasn’t a G move, that was stupid as hell…
    forget the mental picture, u got the physical view from a cell…
    u feel ya life is getting useless, o well…
    thoughts flashing as u tighten ya neck, within the noose til it swells…
    then u kicked the chair loose and u fell……
  10. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    My flow is to excite
    bring life and delight
    ecstasy all night
    music brings life
    we came to party not fight
    tonight is the hype night
    ladies dressed to entice
    looking for mister right
    props to the sexy type
    i think i see misses right
    tonight is the shaker night
    break her night
    if the drinks are potent like
    yeah it’s her i like
    body tight; face alright
    her lips taste like hype…
    bar fight!
    Damn not tonight
    why tonight
    who came to fight
    it’s girl’s night out
    pink(s), jada(s), olivia wilde(s),
    out on the town, ready and wild
    we dirty dancing like swayze
    the bella twins in the crowd
    and –a- fight- breaks -out? Crazy!!
    Take this after part to my house
    b-b-q&bring your own brew
    and a lady that’s cute
    hater’s will have no clue
    we out to party like fools
  11. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    These cats are so sloppy they're startin to drool...
    the types that used to act retarded in school, never shitted on other cats...
    more like the type to take a shit then pop a squat in their stool...
    and come back to class smellin like shit...these dummies thought they were cool... lol
    I spit flames like an arsonist....ooooh, your fart is the fuse... lol
    get blackened to ash if you PASS through the GAS...you got caught in the fumes!!!
    oven-roasted like fuckin Marxists cause I'm Holocaustic like Jews....
    Oh you hot?, dog I'm AUSCHWITZ IN JUNE!!!
  12. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
  13. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008

    Plus yall don't even know bout that rhyme scheme that Gen was usin...
  14. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Thanx for the love ppl.

    I kicked that off the top of the dome and it's one of my favorite lines.

    NOBLE SOLDIER Fireball Kid

    Sep 1, 1999
    AR 15 in my hands, ready to attack..
    flashbacks to the sands in iraq..
    when I see you, brraaaap..
    Smack ya bitch and crush your soul..
    Stepping to me clueless, the fuck you kno?..
    Cutting you slow, make sure you understand the punishment..
    Dont worry bout the smile, im just fucking loving it..
    Even if you got back up, im the sharpshooter round here..
    I've got homies ready to pop the ruger, sound like they on the powder..
    No hesitation, My mom couldnt be more prouder, Her soulless son..
    K-Bar driven through your arm, your shoulders done..
    Your praying to see the soldier run, But im bout to open with gun..

    -To Be Continued-
  16. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    I see the route yall going, but I free flow like higher wings;
    aerodynamic mentals pushing me to float heavens streams.
    All are beneath me, the gravel I walk on as soon I even think to think;
    Im on the brink of greatness, fuck jottin' dwn thoughts I meditate the ink.
    Give crazy brain, scatter framed, picture that kind of sublime psychosis;
    schitzophrenic images splittin sentences, proper thinkin's claustrophobic.
    Flowin' out of my mind, outerbody and mind experiences your experiencin';
    see Jai do it n mime, ya feel me? Yea, so literally touch-and-go through sentencin.
    Mentally on this killing spree, diggin' deeper than a coal miners physical;
    who's fuckin wth me? This process is aids fillin' my mental, minus the pencil.
    I need a canvas, picture paragraphs depictin' portraits wth methodical treasures;
    Jai's elements 5 fingers flipped, the middle 1 does hateful gestures.
  17. I Need A Choppa

    I Need A Choppa New Member

    Mar 5, 2011
    spectular verbs is my forte i spit endlessly like a limitless wave
    im spinning my dames in circles with my venomous fangs
    im endin ya lames...spending my pain on endlessess games
    my mind tortured in the frivioulous game but im sick with the fame!
  18. I Need A Choppa

    I Need A Choppa New Member

    Mar 5, 2011
  19. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Choppa, what does "endlessess" mean?
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