2 jedezeki

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by tHeLoOnYgOoN, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. tHeLoOnYgOoN

    tHeLoOnYgOoN New Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    aint been on in a while n i saw this clown try 2 diss me on weak sneak shit

    "The trumpets were spewing, cause the band vomitted in their mouthpiece,
    This wanna be "Taz", should've never been let loose on a beat,
    The shitty tune, this looney goon's, induced, gave my inner voice an infection,
    I'm left with aspirin tabs, hot water bags, and a penicilin injection..."

    lol the last 2 lines made laugh

    tell me cuz wut the fuck iz a "jedezeki" how do u even pronounce that shit,
    im salty im on here gettin dissed by this wak bitch,
    is she serious get her ass out of here b4 i smack that chick,
    an infection? b4 i stepped on the scene yo problem wus already contracted,
    me wanting 2 b taz?! lol i got the last laugh cuz ima animal that spit,
    oh n yeah the band thew up cuz im juss that sick,
    so as far as the asprin tabs n hot water bags,
    u might as well give em away cuz i dnt juss beat up i slaugter fags,

    n we can get more complex if u wanna

    p.s. wut beat????????? haaa
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