14 israeli killed in battle, israel kills 4 UN observers

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  1. Teqzi||a

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    Dec 8, 2005
    1. They werent blown up by an israeli rocket. The video was exposed as palestinian propoganda

    2. The reason the story of the kidnapped israeli soldiers gets ongoing coverage is because theyre are still being held and their capture was the flash point of the current military engagement.

    3. The said video recieved heavy media coverage as did the human rights watch claim that it was caused by an israeli shell. The fact that the palestinian authorities changed their story about what caused the deaths three times, that an israeli investigation proved veryfiably that their deaths couldnt have been caused by israeli shelling and the palestinian authorities refused to co-operate with the investigation recievedd very little coverage however.
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    Oct 13, 2004

    Why do you always get mad at peoples freedom of speech? I mean Like you I too was hell fire and bent on exposing America for the IRAQ war. Then israel happened and you know WHAT Instead of looking only at AMERICA for the most part, I started looking at BOTH and what's wrong over THERE TOO. What I stated is not a WARGASM it is the truth. Was I wrong about Al-qaeda and hezbollah, NO!

    I am not for war, but I am for existence, especially when I know if JAHID RULES, yours and mine is OVER! You'll be living under ISLAMIC-LAW.

    trust me, You love to smoke pot too much for all that BULLSHIT!

    That is their GOAL, that is their objective, that is their means to the end.

    IRAN, is the puppteer behide it ALL, 9/11, terrorist, everything. bin loden is but a puppet, AL-qeada is but a media distraction.

    I heard this supposed liberal speak the other day on IMUS in the morning, and this liberal gent went on and on reminiscing the AMERICA GOOD OLD DAYS, The FAKE FACE OF AMERICA everyone loved. Then he went on to mention how america would just ignore the middleeast problem behind close doors, So americas GOOD FACE was seen all over the world and was loved for being that FAKE FACE. He then proceed to say why can't america just go back to that FAKE FACE.

    That is when I thought to my simple humble little self. Let me get this straight IGNORING A MAJOR PROBLEM all to keep up a FAKE FACE/(facade) so the WORLD will like us, and so islamic fascism can spread throughout the arabs nation like a hitler movement is actually better than the world seeing america actually deal with the PROBLEM directly?

    Then I thought of the isolation of countries during Woodrow Wilson's administration which indeed lead america into being involved with WW1
    compared it to more present administrations like ronald reagan and bill clintion.

    And came to this conclusion, We've been Isolating the fasicst problem, but funding the program.

    Bush administration in my opinion, is putting an end to it, yet fueling the FIRES and like every World WAR, EVOIL is one of the GOALS.

    But I rather AMERICA have it, than an IRANIAN-chinese axis.

    Iraq, was a huge mistake, which is do to the Bush administrations incompetence.
    But I do believe bush believes in what he is doing, he is just TOO stupid to get it done CORRECTLY!
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