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  1. DirtySCOPE

    DirtySCOPE Hip Hop Producer / Rapper

    Feb 14, 2010
    120 FREE Beats By DirtyScopeBeatz..... and Instant Access To My Catalog Of Over 250 Premium Beats

    "No Matter What Type Of Budget You Have... You Will Still Be Extremely Satisfied With The Amount Of Beats You Will Be Able To Purchase Out Of Our Premium Catalog"

    Why Give Away 120 FREE Beats

    I have been producing since 2004 and my beats have improved so much since then, I now have beats that are still quality but not worthy of my PREMIUM catalog. So as a way to seek out artists that are serious about their music, I am giving these older beats away FREE of charge.

    What Can I For You And Your Music

    I can get you heard by millions of fans. Your music will be featured on my website, youtube, blogs, articles, forums, and even press releases. I will even distribute your music in the streets through mixtapes, and demos that you are always welcome to have your music placed on. We can also help with a marketing plan for your project that will make you QUICK and easy cash, and solidify you as a musical headliner worthy of everybody's attention. Even if you are just a beginner who is in need of knowlege about the game and direction, we can help you with a career path guideline. Just shoot me an e-mail concerning what you need to know to Myrocspace@gmail.com

    Nobody Is Excluded From Receiving Promo

    Take your song after completion, and post a youtube video with "Produced By: DirtyScopeBeatz" in the desctiption and we will promote your song. Also include in the description other places where the song can be found, they will automatically be promoted as well. The results are phenominal.

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    120 Free Downloadable Beats
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