12 Hr Radio Marathon (Semp's Birthday)

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    Apr 17, 2002
    2nd Annual 12hr Radio Marathon
    Hosted by: Semp Rok, Dj Trees, Dj Paper, Ruin & DJ Omega
    Date: Saturday, December 27th- Sunday, December 28th
    Time: 6pm EST- 6am EST

    Requestline: (305) 348-3575
    Webstream: Http://wrgp.fiu.edu (Use a non AOL browser)

    Expected guests: Kool DJ Red Alert, Lord Finnesse, Dj Aaron Wade (WMSE), Karam (CKRK), Papa D and the Brick Records Family, Dynas, Garcia, DS (WHRW), Cuban Link, Iz-Real (Insomnic Magazine), Immortal Technique, All Natural Recordings Family, Dj Earthquake (Live365), Dro Diddy (The305), Rebecca (Conspiracy Sounds), Wrekonize and the ILLiteRats, Africa (Jungle Brothers), Dj A-Beats (VA), Dj Meddaphoe (Philly), Cyrus (B-More), Alma G (Room Service), Aj Woodson (Big Mouth), Dj Primetime (WRFT), Da All, Skam2?, A.D.O.R., Dj Honda, and more..
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