117. TheEliteNewbie vs 118. Venomus vs 119. Mr. Nice Guy

Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Serge dot T, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Nu-J Krown

    Nu-J Krown Tha Dynasty Continues....

    Oct 11, 2003
    Break down

    Mr nice guy--

    Ya chances in this are your initials out of 1000
    Imma treat u like a *private club's doorman* so u get to 'bouncin'// (*bouncer)
    Nice wordplay but as far as a punch its a lil shaky
    U always were a pig, only now you're all bacon
    But ya c.d. does have a case...an it's a case of retardation//
    Lol, like the first one, it set up nice for a powerfully fealt punch
    only u didn't deliver on the second line. Big letdown

    I'm better than u bitch, but enuf of me
    I'll hit u across tha head wit my car's 'rims' as to 'dub' u king//
    I don't know what yall was feelin but i actually like this punch
    This is no longer a 3-way, i'm countin u out
    Imma vegetablize this cat an turn em into a potato on a couch//....
    No gimics, but if there's a gay parade V's sure to join
    An i'll jam a 'stake' thru ya chest 2 turn ya whole body into sirloin//
    Again nice wordplay but shaky punch
    Talkin about ya punches, well, they seldom hit
    An ill giv u an 'L' so u can add it to ya name makin u 'Venomluss'//
    Good punch, was set up excellent. Nice flow to it.
    U like a wash bucket tha way ya hittin tha deck
    Cuz a picture usually paints a 1000 words...yours was just an image of death//
    Nice, good punch but the flow was off and it shoulda been worded better
    You may spit sick.....but noone catches ya disease or drift
    My punches'll land u in a time continuom til u fuckin cease to exist//
    Nice closer as u sarcastically said. :]
    Overall a nice verse, flow was off a lil,
    But your style more than made up for it


    i'll criple that^... along with your diminished past
    do you never fucking wonder why nice guy's finish last
    Good opener, started off nice
    an L - i'll hand you fool!! it's obvious the fag you are
    when mr nice posted his verse next to an instruction manual
    ???Wasn't feelin it. Flowed well but not a good punch
    fucking homo, do u hafta exist? die-ing is part of the list
    when venomus pull's the string's, that are attached to ya wrists
    I dunno about every1 else but this shit is outplayed to me.
    I've hurd similair lines like this about a year ago. Wack

    I'm halfbaked, and I can see the sissy's mic shy
    but like I said, I'm halfbaked, and taking out the Mr. Nice Guy
    Uhhh...big no. Filler i guess
    this is twice mine, EliteNewbie? dats weak and slim
    and instead of using punchlines, I'll just let his name speak for him
    Gee gollly gosh, will u really? it seamed to me u just wanted to
    take the easy way out an diss Mr nice guy's name the whole time and not
    T.E.N. Weak line

    my technique is win, there's a reason this is a 3-way
    it's so idiots like you fall back and give us bigger names the leadway!!
    Overall i thot u did 1 or 2 nice punches at the beginnin
    But your last 6 lines all seemed like fillers to me. Flow was nice but thz
    about it.


    My sex technique's advanced, this dudes attractin hoes
    While Nice only uses condoms to make balloon animals
    LOL!!! Nice line
    The truth is his name isnt referring to his verse actually
    Mr Nice Guy is a nick referring to this nerd's personality
    oh shit.. an i thot u were gonna keep the momentum going...

    Ur far from a thug, ur not a gangsta or known to sell dro
    Plus you aint hip to the streets, youre more of an elbow
    Naw, hurd it too many times before. Outplayed
    Ur bad at grammar & ud only complete a sentence thru jail
    Its Venomous hell, u dont have oh shit material....
    Wack... seemed once again like your 3rd aan 4th lines. Fillers
    So people only say O before U when helping u spell
    ....ok.....moving on. U fucked up the flow by adding this
    At your concert people might run and then vomit
    Cuz u can tell that Venom's bad without a spiderman comic
    Not real creative but still an ight punch
    I could beat him with my eyes closed, stupid its easy
    Cuz the only hip hop quotables he has is on his ludacris cd
    ??? WTF??? Stupid attempt at a punch.
    (overall you had good punches but to me most of em were outplayed.
    Other people might not have hurd them before but i sure have.
    Solid. A 4/10 maybe.)

    Mr.Nice Guy's verse: I give this a 5.5/10 due to wordplay and i liked
    his battle style. Also had the nicest punch of the battle with that
    Venom-luss line in my opinion.

    Venomus's verse: Easily givin a 3.5/10 with no hesitation due to his
    last 6 lines being fillers and wack on top of it!!! He did have the best
    Flow tho which gained him an extra point.

    T.E.N.'s verse: I fealt he came kinda equally beside MRNiceguy but lacked
    the originality. Basically i fealt he had more outplayed lines than any1.
    4.5-5.3 out of 10 as i said before.
    It seems everyone disslike Mrnice guy's verse yet i thot it was better than
    any one elses. Different people jus like different style's i guess,
    what can i say. No beef. pz.
  2. BIG-L

    BIG-L My member is platinum

    Sep 28, 2003
    word word , its scribblez(in the rap bATTLE league) my vote goes to mr nice guy , better punches n flow... i like is verse better , both good
  3. Scribblez

    Scribblez Artistically Inclined

    Oct 4, 2003
    word word , its scribblez(in the rap bATTLE league) my vote goes to mr nice guy , better punches n flow... i like is verse better , both good

    there...decided not to alias vote cuz it doesnt count..
  4. knawl

    knawl New Member

    Oct 4, 2003
    vote -- TEN...def came wit more original shit.
  5. Grimage

    Grimage things lookin grim

    Oct 5, 2003
    vote- elitenewbie

    he had the better punches
  6. VerbalWeaponz

    VerbalWeaponz Unholy-Syndicate

    Sep 17, 2003
    this was really between elite n ven..both had tight verses...but i think that ven gets ma vote...jus liked hs betta


  7. MiC TypsOn

    MiC TypsOn informer

    Dec 30, 2001
    venomus 5 votes
    elite 4 votes
    nice guy 3 votes

    venomus 6 links
    elite 5 links
    nice guy 6 links

    venomus wins.
  8. Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy New Member

    Oct 3, 2003
    oh well, imma rip next week so this only leads to my conciesnuss of pre-writin a verse to have it on time next time.
  9. dizthachozen1

    dizthachozen1 ...free your mind...

    Dec 29, 2001
    the verses were all good, nice creativity by all three.
    but mr'nice guy killed it from beginning to end in his verse even tho his closer was a lil tretched...but it was killer
    and these two lines...whoa
    "U always were a pig, only now you're all bacon
    But ya c.d. does have a case...an it's a case of retardation//

    Talkin about ya punches, well, they seldom hit
    An ill giv u an 'L' so u can add it to ya name makin u 'Venomluss'//"

    those were dope.
  10. Mud.Crumb

    Mud.Crumb Apollo Child! 1986.

    Jul 4, 2003

    ^doesn't count...

    Ven wins

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