11. Phyrme 11-2 vs 12. Anchor 6-1

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by -Oz-, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. The_Nebulotic

    The_Nebulotic Way Over your Heads.

    Sep 17, 2000
    Eh...okay battle.


    Ya no showed last week, now your gonna re-hash
    Get off the PC-P and check yaself in a fuckin rehab

    Ill get accused of biting, to try and beat this geeks wrath
    Cause I aint mention ya name once, kinda like this weeks mag

    Please, PLEASE continue to bring the wordplay back...that said, i wasn't really feeling your verse that much, lol. Problem with cleverness for its own sake is that it loses battles...


    haha, that wordplay gig was a flop when selecting it to premier
    i know u said "ima take it back" but i wasnt expecting it to be years.

    but regardless, ima out-punch him cause hes a lot slower
    cause Anc'll break without any help from foot sprains or hard crossovers.
    ur bad punches and weak setups make u frown in fatigue
    but Anchor is known for dropping down in thousands of leagues.

    lol @ the opener...wasn't feeling a lot in this verse either...but I liked some of your lines more than Anchor's.

    Vote = Phyrme
  2. Oneduh

    Oneduh Guest

    Phryme wins.
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