11. marsellus 2-0 vs. 12. E Tha Real 2-2

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by J o o k, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Crux

    Crux Illogical

    Sep 26, 2001
    E the Real

    South Champion... wait who'd you beat? just stop man
    a grain of talent? that would make me a whole crop land
    third rock from the sun about all he remembers in science
    explains his shots & punches like bartenders to clients

    Not bad opener you have here... only thing is i saw some concepts like this before.. nothing fresh.. nah mean

    jay leno chin, pinnochio nose, beauty sleep? a message to rest
    seen better faces done by retarded kids with etch a sketch
    Reject still conceded & the truth you’ll recollect as defeated
    Offered himself to women, but she didn’t accept cheap gifts

    first one seemed an attempt at a personal... but holds no weight... second line seemed like filler...

    5th degree? Here's the 3rd, Nasif is better then him- at worst
    last week he barely got to the Orange's as Mexicans at work
    entrepreneur in rap? enjoy claiming a dead or empty stock?
    On a roll... only if his girlfriend begged em to be on top

    lol not bad... the first 2 lines i dont get at fuckin all... the second lines of punches had me chucklin tho

    Can Mars sell us? were still on earth... so no is about clear
    guess your living proof there's no intellegent life out there
    punch your scrawny head down so fast, I'll erase your neck
    your girl needs liquor & a reason, mine a place for sex

    ^ wtf does the first line have to do with anything... can mars sell us? were still on earth... wtf does that mean.. lol.. the last 2 lines seem like good setups for a punch... or half a punch.. but your wording is all wrong..

    lace anthrax to a scratch & sniff stickers, no terrorist heart
    voters never had a telescope, so who cares for this Mars
    Dr.Omen critique's for weeks, yet nothing made him skilled
    face looks like a pitchers mound? then I'll level the playing field

    the first 2 lines were filler... last two lines was cool... played concept tho

    Deserves a padded room, white vest with a pleed for freedom
    Real artists need a place to show talent, you need a reason

    hmm.. iight closer

    alot of your punches didnt make no sense and was irrelevant to the setup... had 1 nice one i liked in your entire verse which i laughed at... not bad tho....


    E Tha Real? guard ya shit, cause ur far from sick
    and your record is only two wins, like RAR & ZIP

    nice opener...

    come on RapMusic, after this battle this hoe goes
    cuz outta 4 battles his only 2 wins were no shows
    so do us all a great favor and up ya skill level dude
    cuz im new to da north
    but check tha ranks, IM STILL AHEAD OF YOU

    personals were sort of weak... but at least was applicable to the situation... unlike the conjured up ones E spoke on...

    im not interested in all dat bullshit u got in ya mouth
    im creepin on a come up, u can take my spot in da south
    u pussy, slangin muffins, im tellin yall, hes bangin nothin
    u fuckin fag, im top of the line, your just danglin from it

    first 2 lines are filler... last 2 was iight tho.. nothing spit fuckin tacular..

    laughin at me, but you'd never ride, you half of a G
    u only rollin out when i push u from da passenger seat
    sellus can be ur mentor since u have no skill to measure dog
    and u can tag along with a real emcee, i'll call u cheddar bob

    lol.. first 2 bars had me laughing.... shit was a nice setup and follow up... last 2 lines was blah tho... i dont even know why you used it.. serious

    i know you had your little moment of fame, its gone though
    cause u were only tight for a couple of days like cornrows

    ^ eh....

    ur whack dude, but theres a long list of peeps thats feelin me
    i'd put this win on my record, but dont wanna dirty my sig like nicotine (cig)
    j o o k, this emcee looks like suttin i found, boy im gunnin this clown
    i dont believe he advanced to the north, i think he snuck in some how

    first 2 bars were eh... last 2 was a iight personal attack at him... not bad... not fuckin great

    this whole battle is full of typical rapmusic b.s. bitching and whatevers.... so yall can bitch even more at me for whom i vote for cuz i know someone will.. overall marsellus took this battle... e didnt have much for what i liked.. a lot didnt make sense to me.. maybe im just an idiot..but i doubt that... mars had a couple good lines... but shit was more prevalent to the battle when it came to personals also... unlike E's conjured shit...

    vote- Mars. take it or leave it i dont care.
  2. marsellus

    marsellus nOne siCker

    May 24, 2005

    if the THE POST OFFICE's vote counts then your out of ur mind.. seeinga s its not broken down or explained thoroly...

    AND... he votes against mea few minutes after i vote AGAINS HIM (broken down precisely might i add) lmmmfaoooooooo

    yea ok...
  3. Hells Angel

    Hells Angel New Member

    Feb 7, 2001
    lol my vote had nothing to do with ur vote. until u said that and i looked at the times, i didnt even know the votes were close in time. i had already read the battle, i couldve voted the 1st day it was posted, i just always vote on the last day.
  4. marsellus

    marsellus nOne siCker

    May 24, 2005
    so anyway


  5. fist

    fist hi

    Aug 29, 2004
    E Tha Real? guard ya shit, cause ur far from sick
    and your record is only two wins, like RAR & ZIP

    that line was the most creative thing i've seen in this battle

    E tha real just didnt come original i was reliving 00' again

    v/ marsellus
  6. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    E the real you still wack as fuck.....:-D

    It's ya boy Manic D.

    hit me on aim=

    serge dot T
  7. E Tha Real

    E Tha Real Real Life

    Apr 5, 2002
    if you can sway and win with a verse that includes this
    blatantly gay line oppose to a played line... congrats

    on tracks im butt fuckin *****s wit a hyper sound
    ur asshole is existence, now turn your life around!

    gay like the rest of your verse. votes are 4-3
    let the mods decide, which votes are valid.

    holy shit Manic d!
  8. marsellus

    marsellus nOne siCker

    May 24, 2005
    ^^^fuuuuck u

    4-3 me
  9. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    marselus had no creativity at all, I mean neither were great but come on dude, some of that shit was like wtf were you thinking, rolling out line was plain retarded, the south, north lines were gay and played, ehhh marselus needs to elevate, other dude wasnt too good either but he had better punches and a better flow, just plain out better.

    vote - E the Real
  10. marsellus

    marsellus nOne siCker

    May 24, 2005
    ^^fuck u too and that dickriding ass explaination, bitch ass fagga muffin, lmfaoooo


  11. Strike

    Strike packin that metal

    Aug 21, 2003
    lol damn you buncha whiny people...either ways..marsellus learn to count

    5-4 E th real....plus all the votes I should be discountin for the swayin bitchin and everything else...

    E 3-2
    Mars 2-1
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