11. Craven Moorehead 6-2 Vs. 12. Vyris 9-5

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by U S E R, Dec 9, 2003.

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  1. Residual

    Residual I'm Gay

    Oct 27, 2002
    I guess this decides it kids.

    Lemme do a bigger breakdown so nobody loses on a lame gay vote.

    yeah...I'll go ahead and drop first pussy..holla!!

    Dear Craven,

    dangerous and been mean for years..ur verse'll just leave me in doom
    cuz I saw u tear down the stage..........in the puppet commerical on MTV2

    ``Ha, fresh concept here, pretty decent for an opener.``

    so I'ma break the mold and prove u're wrong..ur flow loses clues strong
    this bitches lines stay small...and old like Too Short songs

    ``Again, pretty fresh idea but the set up was kind of bleh to me. Flow loses clues strong? I know what you mean homey, but it was sort of forced``

    I'm known to start lyin sometimes....but just when writin new lines to win
    cuz u're the dopest alive <-- oops look, I caught myself lyin again

    ``Haha, I felt this one here. I'ma give that a niice.``

    and now since that is clear.....I'll leave u in portions
    cuz we know craven stays lost..like disciplined orphans

    ``Dope, best line you got so far.``

    u've never been in a good battle...so now u're hatin
    cuz the only close calls u've had......are local phone conversations

    ``Flipped a concept here, seen it a couple times worded better. Decent though.``

    bustin whores that thug on sites, u might pour ur love on mics
    but I've heard ur audios.....they sound like ur vocal cords ain't plugged in right

    ``That was pretty coo, liked the way you worded that one``

    these bitches fallin out cuz my recent look draws flames
    and craven's the first down...like long distance football plays

    ``Seen it a couple times, not bad.``

    u're punches are obvious and running out of a clue
    so u wear the same outfit.....trying to avoid coming out of the blue

    ``Pretty aight line here. Keepin' it consistent an' movin.``

    hate to recycle lines that I used before but the sayin captures all
    when I erase u bitch....got u fadin away like u're playin basketball

    ``Seen that line you did, this was ok. I'd give it a coo``

    and now for the closer..
    blah setup blah setup, where's ur thirst?
    played punchline played punchline,<^ there's ur verse

    ``Seen stuff done like this before but it was aight overall.``

    OVERALL: Pretty consistent verse, started with some nice punches to me, then trailed off a bit. Still, solid stuff, seen some good concepts in there, you definitely are comin' nice.

    Craven's verse:

    You straight delivered the trash
    'n Dill always be chillin' on the fag tip like cigarette ash

    ``Cool opener, I'm feelin' this here. Nothing ground breakin' though.``

    This poor fuck's a magic card deamon
    I'd mention Dill' dough - but then his ass'd start creamin'

    ``Didn't like the set up very much, good punchline though. Doope.``

    Enough'a the gay shit
    Got a mod spot and he still struggles to say shit

    ``Ha, coo punch but not real effective 'cause it's not really true.``

    He'd be leakin' on stage
    So when I say this kid ancient - I ain't speakin' on age

    ``Oh dope shit here. Feelin' that line a lot.``

    Everybody's whisperin' secrets
    'n agreein' that your name proves you resemble a penis

    ``Lol, that's a humorous line I liked.``

    I own you, kid
    When it comes to winning you ain't even had rental rights
    Your mental's tight?
    I'm cutting edge - 'n to top it off I'll slice your dome w/ it

    ``Cutting edge concept's aight, seen it done better before``

    Leave you in a casket dazed
    Dill's like a playboy calendar - this kid's been ass for days

    ``Nice flip on this concept, worded well too.``

    I've seen some scary shit
    but kid went from hustler to bitch so fast - he signed w/ Larry Flynt

    ``Oh that line's fiyah, pretty good, worded well too.``

    Sit 'n chug some gin
    'cause I got on your nerves - 'n now I'll let Baraka rub it in

    ``That's aight, fit together well, could of closed it a bit better though.``

    OVERALL: FElt that verse. You had some fiyah scattered here and there, couple a fresh concepts too I thought you utilized nicely.

    So basically, it was a hard match to call for me. It was definitely even in terms of consistency. I think Dill started out with fiyah, while Craven ended with it.
    Both had concepts I enjoyed and matched up well.
    Two different styles to me though.

    There's really no way of seperating based on punchline potency, so I'll have to do the suttle differences.
    I'd say Craven had the better set ups. More fiyah-like punches too, though both were consistent with their scoops of dope material.
    Basically, it came down to me picking who I thought had the better OVERALL verse with all things considered and in this match, to me personally, it was Craven Moorehead, the same dirty bastard that beat me by a vote!!! Lol.

    So with that being said, it was a good read. Both of you came with ya fiyah, liked 'em a lot.
    Shit was cool.

    VOTE=Craven in a touch call for me.
  2. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    Residual = RBL Deciding Vote Guy, in case of ties.

    Craven Moorehead def. Vyris
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