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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by thedream233, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. thedream233

    thedream233 Thrillmatic

    Nov 18, 2005

    ta hell with fuckin evil women and catchin diseases
    I want a girl to love, someone I can be at peace with
    beautiful and loyal, shed follow me to any region
    I'd sit up at night and hold her while shes sleepin
    I'll have young kids that follow my advice
    I'd tell em they dont need drugs they'd just be high on life
    I'd say they have to stand up, but only when the time is right
    Just be safe and be stong, and I'd be their guiding light
    son stay away from golddiggers, those women'll strip ya cash
    son you aint no nigg er just because ya skin is black
    so find an honest woman not just a piece of ass
    and trust me you'll be happy and you'll have piece at last
    Dont let others mistreat you. Always keep ya dignity
    Its a cruel world and everybody wont show you sympathy
    Daughter listen close. boys have a decietful history
    Tell the men "take it slow if you want to get with me"
    You gotta be a strong woman able to support ya self
    You should need any man be smart and store ya wealth

    Thats right I'll have a family not just kids and baby mamas
    no payin child support or any of that lady drama
    I want a large house and a room for each kid
    and a large van for every vacation and each trip
    Fuck a rusty hoopdi with platinum on each rim
    fuck a bitch with gold teeth with different names on each tit
    fuck the damn projects and fuck shots in the night
    I'll live in a nice neighborhood so my kids will sleep tight
    I wont be selling drugs or walkin with no guns
    I'll teach my kids to be adjusted respectable grown ups
  2. Soopz.

    Soopz. Blaow!

    Jan 1, 2008
    .. If in ten years I haven't met the Reaper,
    I'll be a respected speaker whose every lecture's deeper
    than the rest; and seek to find a stable home -
    and woman not packing stress inside these aging bones.
    I will demand to be heard for this quite amazing flow,
    and if I am, then every dime I make will go
    back to my home and family - though I may remain indebted,
    I'll make sure my Great-Grandma can pay her way to Heaven
    and will elevate beyond the gangsters, lames, pathetic
    emcees who seduce the game to tame their paper fetish.
    At the present, shit is hard; day to day it's hectic
    but in the future, I plan to escape this great oppression.
  3. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    in ten years i'll be in my 30's signing in
    dropping 16's, flirting wit punchline rhymes wit my friends
    dont gotta pop nines for hot lines
    there be no more album
    sales cop mines from online
    look how the game has changed
    10 years hiphop wont have a aim
    nobody hold the game cuz everybody
    is gone that came..
    50 died from steriod poison,
    J died from natural causes
    fans cried at funerals followed by claps and applauses
    10 years i wanna know where the south, west and new york is
    rewind back to now
    styles already should've been abortioned
    coppin grill crowns from ebay auctions!
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