[04.18] Classified Talks About Latest Album In New Interview

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    May 20, 2007
    If you havn’t heard about Canadian rapper Classified yet, I really suggest that you check out his latest album, Self- Explanatory. It’s filled with good tracks. HHiH got the chance to ask him some questions about the album, touring, the future, and more.

    “I am an MC and producer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Been doing this for a minute now.. Releasing 11 full length albums, and doing a bunch of crazy ass tours around Canada,” Classified said about himself.

    HHiH: What’s good Class? Thanks for doing this interview with HIPHOPisHERE.com.

    Not a problem. Thanks for hooking it up!

    HHiH: Let’s start off with the basics. For those who don’t know who Classified is, who are you?

    I am an MC and producer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Been doing this for a minute now.. Releasing 11 full length albums, and doing a bunch of crazy ass tours around Canada.

    HHiH: For how long have you been rapping?

    I guess about 14 years.

    HHiH: And you produce too?

    Produce and rap.. Started out doing just the rap thing, but have been producing for the last 12 years.

    HHiH: You recently got back from Europe where you toured with D12 and Royce Da 5′9. Was it your first time touring through Europe?


    HHiH: What was it like?

    It was great. First time playing a show oversea’s.. So it was great, made a ton of new fans and got to seee the world. Really can’t complain. Big up to D12 for taking me out their with them, and letting me rock in front of their fans everynight.

    HHiH: You released your 11th studio album, Self- Explanatory, just a few days ago. Tell us a little about the album. Why should people buy it?

    ‘Cause I put everything I have into it lol… Nah.. Check it out online. If you’re feeling it, pick it up.. That’s all I ask, if you downloaded it or streamed it online and you’re feelinig it.. Got pick up a copy or two. If you’re in the music store, listen to it in a listening station. If you’re into good music, I think , in my opinion anyway, you’ll love it!

    HHiH: Even though this is your 11th studio album, this is your debut on a major record label. Has that changed anything, did you have to take the mainstream audience into consideration while recording the tracks for the album?

    Nah, not at all. I think that’s what wrecks an artist, when they try to change their sound, not for themselves but to appeal to more people. To me, that’s the definition of selling out. I made this record the same way I make all my records - home studio, self produced. Difference now is, when I finished the album, Sony puts their team behind it and their funds and connects behind it. And basically just helping me get the word out alot easier that the record is in stores.

    HHiH: Where can the fans get to see more of Classified, will you be doing any more touring to promote the new album?

    Definitely. Just got done a three week tour of Europe/UK and starting the nation wide Canadian tour April 23rd. Starting in Van and coming right back to Halifax, and then off to Australia in July. Lots of touring in the future.

    HHiH: Tell us a little about what the future holds for Classified. Any new projects in the works?

    Right now.. Playing shows and promoting the album. I’ll spend the next few months focused only on that, and then back the lab to make some beats and write some more raps!

    HHiH: Thank you! That was the questions I had for you.

    Interview With Classified | HIPHOPisHERE.com
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    weak interview
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